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Here are some Cricket pics, Kevin... you know who you are!!!  ;D



Cricket is a cool little dog and fun to be around. Nice photos too.

After 13 years without a family dog we will be bringing home a puppy in about three weeks.

Layla is a Cockapoo, red with a white chin and white chest blaze. She also has a small splash of white on the top of her head.

We have had a new little doggie for about 3 months now.  His name is Little Tex or Texy for short.  He is a yorkie, but not one of those sissy little teacup things like Paris Hilton has.  He's kinda large for his breed.  Some friends of ours found him up in Richmond, VA a while back.  They could find no tags and the vet could find no chip.  They put an ad in the paper but no one claimed him so they gave him to us.  He's just perfect for our family.  He has no behavior problems, he's chill when you want him to be and he's excited when you want him to be.  He has cataracts but we may be able to get the surgery for him soon.  We have a video of him on our youtube account (ankharris).  It's called "Little Tex vs. the Killer Beaver" (watch that dirty mind >:(, it's a beaver puppet that he loves to play rough with).



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