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Few of my favs


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For satirical sports blogging:  www.deadspin.com
For satirical "not news" : www.fark.com
For good dj mixsets: www.hybridized.org
For some interesting reading on a lot of "taboo" topics: www.heretical.com
For good starting guide on electronic music production:  www.tweakheadz.com
For links to 'All Things Vampiric' : www.afn.org/~vampires/links.html (some of these tend to be outdated)
and also Gothic Art : www.vamp.org/Gothic/Resources/Artwork/
For general interesting weirdness : www.madametalbot.com/sitemap.htm

For fun: www.nudestickfigures.com/
Make your own motivational posters : www.bighugelabs.com/flickr/motivator.php
Ascii art generator : www.typorganism.com/asciiomatic/


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