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* www.misfitscentral.netCommercial Website

* www.mackinaccoast.comCommercial Website Gone Yooper!!

* www.saynotomsg.comDedicated to Public Awareness of Monosodium Glutamate and other Excitotoxins

* www.91lenscleaner.comThe Lens Cleaner with 91 Uses!!  Retail and Wholesale - Coming Soon!!

* www.creationsbysassafras.comI started out selling wire-wrapped jewelry and now I'm the web designer
of our websites with some painting and drawing throughtout.  Nothing for sale right now.

* www.misfitscentraleyewear.comForward Site for MisFiTs CenTRaL

* www.mackinawcoast.comForward Site for Mackinac Coast

* www.misfitcityforum.comThe Largest City Dedicated to MisFiTs, for MisFiTs!!!


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