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Hey guys,

Unfortunately I don't have on my computer but if you google Boerboel dogs you will see the type of dogs I have.

Two boys (neutered) and two girls (breeders).


I have never heard of that breed, but my goodness, some of them I saw on the internet are huge.  How big are yours?  I once had a St. Bernard/Rottweiller mix with almost the same markings and coloring, but a little longer nose.  He went 170 lbs, but I would have to say some I saw were bigger than old Barney.  I like the looks of the breed.  They look trainable and gentle.  Are they?


Here I must start with an apology.

I can only work out the weight in terms of Stonnes and Pounds.

The last weight for our eldest female was 8 stonne 12 pounds however she has quite a bit of growing still to do. I would expect here to finish up somewhere around 11 stonne.

For me the are the perfect blend of both gentle companion mixed with fierce protector.

They would think nothing of playing with a group of small children without harming a hair but throw in a man looking suspicious and you've got problems. They are pretty hightened to the emotions/feelings of their owners so I find if I am ok with the people I am meeting or who are coming in my home they are gentle giants but if I don't want the person there they make it clear.

They do require stong willed owners but I love the breed through and through and certainly think they are ideal for most families.

11 stone comes out to 154 lbs according to my convert program.  If you like, I can share the program either by emailing you or putting it on a website we have for file transfers.  It isn't very big.  The program converts about everything to anything you can imagine and it is non-evasive.

The only thing I couldn't figure out was the stone/pound relationship.  We use pounds/ounces and their are 16 ounces to a pound.  What is the stone/pound relationship?

We have a Mountain Treeing Feist and it is not a common breed in the northern US.  She is 28 lbs or 2 stone, I think.  We are looking for a larger breed and will be looking for a Boerboel. 



I'll send you a link to my website so you can have a good look at ours.

I have a friend who is breeder over in America, if you like I could find his site address and get that over to you.



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