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Hello World!... Or at least the MIB! 

A 14 year-old from California got a visit from the Government's Black Suits about a MySpace board she had created protesting President Bush.  The old MySpace site has been deleted because the "protest-site turn hate-site" depicted violate tendencies toward President Bush, and a new site has taken its place - it is called "A Peace Movement".  The peaceful protect site has a disclaimer, now, of "no" mention of politics; Just a group of young people keying in on the CNN news story of a young 9th-grader named Julia Wilson and her encounter with the MIB for the United States Government.  I was honestly hoping to find something about peaceful topics or even a-political or non-partisan point of view, but I was disappointed.

The title of Julia's new site caught my eye so I searched for her site on MySpace and found it.
Julia's NEW MySpace Group location is

Julia stated on the CNN report "I don't hate Bush.  Hate is a strong word, but I dislike Bush.  Although, I do hate Bush's policies."  I appreciate seeing the youth of today taking in account the actions of evil doers like Bush and his cronies and stating "I disagree!"  I DISAGREE... is a powerful statement even adults have a hard time saying.  And, in essence, Julia was saying in a youth way, "I disagree!"

I hope the world is able to hear more voices announcing their discontentment with money hungery, power driven, evil doers throughout the this one world country of ours.

No Sheep Allowed!



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