Author Topic: Food Allergies and Food Reactions are on the Rise  (Read 8576 times)

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Food Allergies and Food Reactions are on the Rise
« on: June 23, 2012, 08:05:27 PM »
Yahoo put out this article: titled, Y! Big Story: Gut reactions on why food allergies are on the rise by Vera H-C Chan.

An Excerpt:
Food allergies vs. food reactions/intolerances: There's a big difference between food allergies and food intolerances, Dr. Stephanie Leonard of the U.C. San Diego School of Medicine said to Yahoo!. Reactions can be immunologic (food allergies) or non-immunologic. The latter can be pharmacologic (chemical-triggered), toxic (food poisoning), or metabolic.

"The term [allergy] is kind of misleading; you think of sneezing, coughing. 'If my kid has a reaction to any food, they must have a food allergy,'" says Dr. Ruchi Gupta, lead author of the new study "Geographic Variability of Childhood Food Allergy in the United States." She tells Yahoo!, "A food allergy can be immune-mediated. Symptoms can be dangerous and even lead to death."

The article explains that scientists don't actually know why there is a rise in allergies/reactions, only that there has been some information gathering and analyzing since 1993 which has propped scientists to begin their research.  There are theories, but nothing definite yet.  One hypothesis is from Dr. Leonard which concerns hygiene:

"We live in a clean environment, and our immune system is not busy fighting off infections or parasites. So instead it overreacts to harmless things like food," Leonard says. "This is supported by the fact we don't see high rates of food allergy in developing countries."

The author of the article (Chan) mentions: "The nuances could be attributed to locally grown vs. processed food..." which is contributed to Dr. Grupta's research, though Grupta's research also theoretically suggests a connection between asthma and allergies.  "...[T]here's a lot of overlap between asthma conditions and food allergies" writes Chan.

The New York Times has this to say and its article can be found here titled, Dirtying Up Our Diets by Jeff D. Leach:
Increasing evidence suggests that the alarming rise in allergic and autoimmune disorders during the past few decades is at least partly attributable to our lack of exposure to microorganisms that once covered our food and us. ... This research suggests that reintroducing some of the organisms from the mud and water of our natural world would help avoid an overreaction of an otherwise healthy immune response that results in such chronic diseases as Type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, and a host of allergic disorders. (June 20, the New York Times)

I suggest reading both articles.  They are interesting in their suggestion that microorganisms are the answer to fooling the body to stop attacking the "harmless" food we are consuming which is produced by our beloved food industry.  (Not to expound on the god-like medical industry for discovering this anomaly so they can continue their own corruptive ways.)  The reason why I am so sarcastic is because I have been concerned about our food industry and our medical industry since I leaned about my allergy/reaction (whatever they want to call it) to MSG and other excitotoxins. 


MSG is a neurotoxin.  It kills brain cells.  It weakens the immune system.


There is no attack on the consumed food by our immune system.  This is a misguided ploy by the medical industry for us not be alarmed by the ingredients in our processed food.  It's the ingredients like MSG, autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and the other 80 FDA recognized flavor enhancers (excitotoxins) that are permanently damaging our minds and bodies.  The food industry and medical industry know this.  And they rely on these ingredients so they can continue with their nefarious ways.  And they will continue until hell freezes over... or until the WORLD stops THEM.

Keep up the good fight!!


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