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« on: February 16, 2011, 08:28:38 AM »

This forum is spam free and we want to keep it this way.  It has been a daily chore with us eliminating as many as 15 spammers that sign up as members.  Many of these are coming from Eastern Europe, but we also have some from the good old USA.  Since Sassafras and I are traveling, we depend on WiFi and cannot always get on the net to monitor the requests for new membership.  We are fortunate we have a friend in Edison Boy, whom has helped us by checking out those that request membership against known spammer lists and then deleting them or approving them as the case may be.

I realize this forum is not busy but Sass and I envision a time there are enough misfits in the world using Misfit City Forum to make this all worthwhile.  I decided to write this as a way to thank Edison Boy for his attention to what seems a hopeless situation.  Someday, though, I hope this forum will affect the minds of the world by giving the misfits a voice. 

We'll have to see how it all unfolds, I guess, but in the mean time, remember, Misfit City Forum is where "Attitudes are nourished and being a misfit is just part of the day."

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