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Title: The scientist and the philosopher
Post by: Truthsayer on February 13, 2009, 12:04:53 AM
A scientist places an object into the hand of a philosopher. He tells the philosopher that after many hours, days and weeks of laboratory testing, examination and evaluation, he has concluded that this object is a "stone" and cannot possibly be anything else. The philosopher accepts the stone and takes it back to his place of solitude. He sits holding the object. "A stone huh? and nothing else?", he says to himself. "There has to be more to it than that", he says as he reaches for his chisel. Curious to know what other truths, if any, this object may have to reveal, he chisels away at it. After hours, days and weeks of chiseling, he is left with a pile of dust. He says to himself, "A stone huh? and nothing else? It now looks like a pile of dust to me." The philosopher collects up the dust, places it into the hand of the scientist and declares; "I thought you said this was a "stone" and could not possibly be anything else?"
Before the scientist will accept what the philosopher has just shown him to be fact, he will demand that the philosopher "prove" to him, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the pile of dust he now holds in his hand is the exact same stone he placed in the philosopher's hand weeks before. How frustrating this must be to the philosopher, who already knows the truth?
If they are both right, how can they solve this argument? I need an answer.
Title: Re: The scientist and the philosopher
Post by: Smokebender on February 14, 2009, 12:53:31 AM
They are not both right. The philosopher is right based on what you have given. However they both really do not care about the stone, they care about is being right. So, they fight about it. They each go back to their own group, in this case a church, and form an army. Then they begin to kill each other in the name of God, their God, and their God is right. Their God is always right. This goes on for hunderds and hundreds of years until for some reason unknown to them, Mother Nature wipes them all away like a single tear, and they are no more. Gone. Never to return. The End.
Title: Re: The scientist and the philosopher
Post by: Truthsayer on February 14, 2009, 01:18:41 PM
You may very well be correct in your insight. Mother nature already performed one recorded mass extinction 65 million years ago. If you can see any truth within the legend of Atlantis, make that "two" mass extinctions. For them the reason is unknown, but mother nature knows. The Earth may be ready for another.

(As 'legend' would have it, the destruction and disappearance of Atlantis 'into the sea', occurred approximately 24,000 yrs ago during the last age of Aquarius, long before the book of Genesis was written.) Accounts which are consistent to the destruction of Atlantis are written in the Book of Genesis as well as in the Book of Revelation.) Are we following in this same path to destruction?