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Title: DATEM in bread
Post by: Sylvia1787 on February 21, 2015, 09:35:53 PM
As a person VERY sensitive to MSG and its derivatives, I wanted to know if anyone else has had a problem with this ingredient. I have not found too many others who talk about it. I have successfully avoided most forms of msg for many years, however; a few years ago I discovered I had a reaction to bread ingredients, and the reaction is the most dangerous reaction for me. Usually, whem I eat something containing msg, I have symptoms which alert me to a problem. With DATEM, I have found that I have no warning symptoms. By the time I know something is wrong, I can barely get the words out before I am passed out on the ground, usually hitting something hard and pointy on the way down. Most people I know who are also sensitive, have a far higher tolerance than I. My grandfather and father are sensitive, but they just get headaches, at worst migraines. My least severe reaction is a migraine, the most is a severe, sudden drop in blood sugar. The more recent labeling laws have been the bane of my existence! Was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a reaction to this ingredient.