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Well thought I would join since you pointed me in the right direction for a list of MSG items to avoid.

As a migraine and headache sufferer I have to watch MSG and several other triggers very closely.  I found this forum from a google search about Olive Garden and MSG.

I am your average 40 something guy trying his best to live life headache free and still enjoy a good meal on the road.

I have way too many hobbies to even think about listing, but one I enjoy a lot is Desserts... huge Dessert fan.  I love eating and making them.

Also looking into opening my own Coffee shop soon with my best friend.

West Chester Ohio


We're happy you joined.  Desserts are fun and I once was a dessert rat.  I am now diabetic, so I have to be careful of my sugar intake.  Sassafras, on the other hand doesn't have to watch her sugar.  We used to tease each other in a restaurant.  I would order gravey or breaded items, which she can't have because of the excitotoxins in them and she would order desserts which, of course, I couldn't have.  Unfortunately for Sassafras, many of the desserts that are found in restaurants today have fake sugars in them, such as maltodextrin or sorbitol or malitol as well as carrageenan in the ice cream.  We have to go to a bakery for sweet goods for Sassafras and ice cream is pretty much taboo for her. 

So, if you continue to have migraines, look to your sweets.  Sass used to suffer from headaches almost daily and now days, it is a rare event.  Simply by becoming label readers and knowledgeable about what was causing her headaches, dizziness, lethargic-ism, light sensitivity, stomach sickness and other symptoms, we have been able to give her a pretty normal day.

Good luck with your search for health and if you need any information please feel free to ask. Also, as you discover triggers, please share them with us.

Mick and Sassafras Zelllar


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