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Thanks for being here ! I need this


Dear Friends, Thanks for being here and sharing and especially to our Web Host.
Ive always heard MSG was bad but didnt know how sneaky its put in our foods today.
Growing up in a very rural Appalachian area,  many families here (including my own) had relatives to live very long lives. Living into the upper 90s and even 100 years old was not uncommon.  Its rare to see or hear about this today. Ive always felt our food supply was contaminated!
Many people might say, well I dont want to live that long but it would be nice to live to an older age without suffering and painful diseases.
I first learned about this from Dr. Blaylocks information video on health. I googled  'Other names for M S G' and found this web site. Im so glad I did. Thanks for being here and sharing! Im cleaning out my kitchen cupboards now!  I cant wait to learn more !

Thank you for sharing with us.  You stated the most important thing a person can do when they decide to eliminate excitotoxins from their diet....go through their kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and freezer and discard anything with excitotoxins in them.  We have had many people tell us they would use up their larder and start to buy smarter.  That is like starting a diet "tomorrow". Tomorrow never comes.  You didn't mention if you had any symptoms from ingesting excitotoxins.  It doesn't matter, they kill brain cells whether you are sensitive to them or not, but a person that gets headaches is more resolute to eliminate excitotoxins from their diet than one who doesn't symptomize.  Fortunately for me, I do not symptomize, but, unfortunately, my wife and creator of this forum, Sassafras, does. Because of her suffering, my own diet is better than if I had not been aware of excitotoxins.  We started collecting information about msg and other excitotoxins in the late 1990's and eventually amassed a bundle.  We decided to share the information on the internet.  If you haven't seen our website www.saynotomsg.com please do yourself a favor and go there and read all the offerings, including the sections on The Basics, The Culture,  and The Business of MSG.  It will open your eyes to the job we have to do to try to eliminate or reduce the use of these flavor enhancers, fake sugars and emulsifiers/binders that the food industry uses.

Some of the easy things a person can eliminate:

     Flavored snack foods

     Non-Dairy products

     Stocks and gravies in a can

     Anything "diet" because of fake sugars

     "Special" spices with ingredients not complete, for instance using the words spices or natural flavors

     Anything with Carrageenan, disodium inosinate or disodium guanylate

     Canned soups, stews, etc.

     Most frozen entrees or frozen breaded items, or most ice cream (anything frozen does not have to put in their ingredient label sodium caseinate or calcium caseinate, according to FDA rules. These are hydrolyzed proteins, yech).  If you look up how to make ice cream you will find three ingredients, milk, sugar, flavor.  Basically that's it, but since they now use "non-dairy items, they need to bind them with items like carrageenan, guar gum or other gums.

We offer a free laminated pocket card to members of the forum if you email us your snail mail address.  You can email saynotomsg@yahoo.com with your address and we'll pop the pocket card in the mail pronto.

Thank you again for joining and sharing,

Keep up the good fight




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