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Today my husband got into a conversation with a guy that seemed to be going pretty well until he mentioned the phrase "hard earned money" and then said that it was the "liberal socialist" who were spending it.  Mick said his piece on the matter and the guy came back with his unfounded tripe.  The banter went back and forth for a while and it was getting plenty loud.  During this, I was talking a lady and then she asked me to ask "him" to "tone it down".  I quickly came back with asking her which "him" was she talking about - that man or this one.  She gave me a look, pointed at Mick and said "him".  I pursed my lips trying to think how I was going to word it to this lady that there was no way in f'ing heck I was going to tell my husband to "tone it down" because her delicate ears couldn't take the language Mick was laying on the guy who pissed him off.  Personally, the guy had it coming.  He pushed the "race card" button, the "liberal socialist" button, the "I am a right wing wing nut" button, and "I make better money than all you" button.  So, I cleverly said, "Honey, I don't even pick out his clothes."  I let the rest of my thoughts slide with a look of my own that said there is no way I am going to say jack diddly to "him" about "his" language, MS. Goody Tooshoo ... but you can.  So she did.  And she got run off too.

I love victory stories.

What's yours?



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