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I'd like to let everyone know that NO topic is taboo.  Here at MisFiT City Forum, you can talk about anything and everything.  We frequently say, "You can talk about religion and politics in the same sentence and it's OK!"  If you don't care to talk about either one, that is OK, too.  Talk about what ever you want.  You can reply to an existing thread or start one of your own.  Go ahead... type until you're blue in the fingers.   :P 

There's a lot of people that come to MCF, but don't post for whatever reason.  I haven't restricted guests from reading any boards, so all posts will be read by the masses.

NEW!! - Mick and I have decided to offer a FREE MisFiT City Forum coffee cup to anyone who starts 20 posts anywhere in our MisFiT Community.  So register and starting posting today!  The sooner you start posting, the sooner you'll receive your very own MisFiT City Forum coffee cup!

Come on and join.  There is no harm in joining.  Joining is FREE!!  No, Really!! It's FREE!!  See for yourself... CLICK the Register button.  I look forward to hearing from you.

 ??? Well, what are you waiting for...?!!  :o  Hit the register button, fill in some blanks, submit your information, go to your email, click the link, and then login.  It's that easy.

OK, OK... I'll invite you to MCF. You're invited!!  Now Go!!

Warmest Greetings from the MisFiT City Forum Administration and Current Members... I mean, MisFiTs!

Modified so I can see our new Post Icons... Neat!

Ah! Here we go, a place to type my thoughts!  Only problem is that I have been logged in for 11 minutes and this is the first place I ave been able to find a text box.  Perhaps your forum needs to be "dumbed down" a bit so the average joe can "figger" it out!  Anyhoo....  I enjoyed talking to Mick a few weeks back when you guys were visiting Jack and I know he probably doesn't remember, given the chaos of the moment, but I was hoping to secure a copy of the list of misfits welcomed - I had a copy in my booth for years, but that's all gone now.  I always liked it and allowed people to add their own people to it and I would love to have it again, but your website is different *sob* and I can't figure it out, so hellpp......

Hey there Your Mad Woman!   W==(:D)==  Glad you found us and were able the find the post/reply function.  Nice to have you around.

I've been in the midst of planning a major re-vamping of the current forum - right down to a new location under Mackinac Coast.  One thing that is holding me up, though, is an update from Simple Machines.  This update is going to allow me to add modifications directly to themes without having to tip-toe through mega amounts of code.  As far as I know, this update should be out in no time.  I figure by the end of April I'll have the forum moved to it's new location and it will have a total different feel with or without the new update.  BIG PLANS!!   :)7  Although, first thing is first - I'd like to get the Mackinac Coast site fully up and running.  And, of course, the store itself.

If you want a quick text-box to reply in, there is something you can do to activate this quick text box at the bottom of each topic page.  Simply go to your profile, then look along the left side for Look and Layout Preferences, then look for Use quick reply on topic display:  Change this preference to show, on by default  You may check out this post I made a while back about this very thing.

And, for the finale... =:D   The No Punks Allowed sign!!  *=:)=*

 [welcome] to the MCF again, Your Mad Woman. 


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Free speech rocks  ;)


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