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Note to mother


I was expecting my mom to come over just before christmas one year. She lives about an hour's drive from me and  was going to drop off some gifts for me and my children. It was a sunday and I had my younger daughter over for the weekend. She lives with her father and stepmother and I was to take her home that day. I didn't know what time I would get back, so I left a note on my door for my mother. It went something like this;

Hello dear mother I am sorry to say

that I am out the door and on my way

To take miss Rheanne back to her dad

I know that this must make you sad

To have come all this way and find me not home

Would have called you beforehand

But I don't have a phone

I regret not being here when you came

On good intentions, but please don't lay blame

If anytime soon you decide to come

I'll make damn sure my ass is home! ::D


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