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(This was first written on Feb 8, 2005 on our Proboards site.)

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Every winter, Sassafras and I hunker. It is a kind of hibernation. We make most of our income between April and October, and after October we have no income until January. We have learned to hunker. This is a process of doing nothing. Wherever we decide to winter, we simply don't do anything that will cost us money.

When in Florida one year, we walked the Atlantic Ocean beaches regularly. When we winter up north, we simply don't leave the house. One year in Ludington, MI., we had stayed in so long, when we fiinally tried to leave, we found the door was frozen shut. Snow had melted off the roof and ice stalagmtes were formed in front of the door. We had to go out the front porch to get outside and break up the ice, so the door would open. I guess you could call that 'power hunkering'.

The other option would be for one or both of us to get a part-time or temporary job to hold us over for the winter. Well, like that is ever going to happen. We like what we do and who we are. Hunkering is good. A lot of reading, game playing, business planning and smooching goes on during our hunkering months.

Written by Mick

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