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Thank you for doing so much to support our health!

The main products that I'm wondering about are Kirkland Organic Broths and Kirkland Non-organic spice called Sweet Mesquite at Cost-co. They both have a possible ingredient but how do we find out for sure? I tried email Cost-co but they didn't seem to understand the question.


My response:

Thank you for your email.  You are right to be concerned about the broth you use.  I think I found the ingredients or at least something you can compare to what you use.  The one thing you must know is "organic" doesn't mean it is safe.  For example, "organic chicken flavor" has hydrolyzed protein which contains at least 20% MSG and has as much as 40 to 50% MSG depending how much more the industry added.

Here is a site which talks about Organic Broth.  These people cover more of the same.  It is really good information.

Here is another site:

This site give these ingredients for Kirkland Signature Chicken Stock which are as follows:
chicken stock, vegetable broth (carrot, celery, onion juice concentrates), natural flavor, sea salt, ground bay leaves and black pepper extract.

I wouldn't use this stock because of the "chicken stock", "vegetable broth", and (the one that kills me) "black pepper extract".  Having both "stock" and "broth" in this item just means there is more Hydrolyzed Protein, ergo more MSG.  And, the only reason why a company would "extract" a spice is to create MSG.  This is the first time I have ever seen this ingredient.  Sometimes I think "I have seen it all" then something like this happens.  What a load of crap!

Sorry I got a little strung out there.  New ingredients pop up all the time, and I get so fed up with companies creating new ways to hide MSG and other excitotoxins.  It makes my work that much harder.  And it creates a feeling of hopelessness for the new person trying to eliminate excitotoxins from their diet or the diet of others, if needs be.

On the next!!

Are these the ingredients in the Sweet Mesquite Seasoning?
Sea salt, black pepper, chili, red pepper, oregano, dehydrated veggies, onion, garlic, demerara sugar, natural mesquite smoke flavor, citric acid and silicon dioxide to prevent caking.

If so, then you maybe safe or maybe not. It depends on how sensitive you are to excitotoxins.  Any "flavor" like in the "...smoke flavor", should be a concern.  Also, "citric acid" maybe a problem.  I can tell you that it does NOT come from a lemon or a lime or any other fruit.  And there is no way to tell what process was used to produce this ingredient, but these days, it usually starts with corn.  Typically, a genetically modified corn protein.

The only way you can really tell if the item is safe, is to try it and if you react, don't use it.  Others who are sensitive to excitotoxins may react to this ingredient or not.  Personally, I wouldn't use it.  I would create my own blend of spices and seasonings.  Something with less salt, more pepper, and play with the other spices.  Chili Powder is a great spice.  So is garlic and onion: In powder form, they add that little something to foods.  In fresh form, they can be robust, exotic, and for the onions, sweet.

I hope this information is helpful to you.  If you have anymore questions, please email me again.

If it is ok with you, I will be putting this information on my Forum for others to read.  If you would like to join the Forum and contribute other questions or information or just share something, you are more than welcome.

Also, if you would like a Laminated Card with ingredients to avoid, please send an email to with your mailing address and I will send one to you.

Keep up the good fight!!

Sassafras Z.
Never mind, sent email, looking forward to receiving it soon, thanks

OK!! Great!!


I would like to welcome you to the Forum!!   [welcome] W==(:D)==

To get a Laminated Card, simply email me at your mailing address.  Don't post it here because spammers and mail junkies will have a field day.   :o

Looking forward to your email.

Never mind, sent email, looking forward to receiving it soon, thanks
How do I get a laminated card?
Nursing Student,

Sorry to be the one to tell you, there is no easy answer to finding foods that are safe.  You have to read the labels.  I could list foods that we eat and the manufacturers could change their formulation next week.  We always read every label of every thing we purchase from a can of beans to a jar of mayonnaise.  This is a war and the only way to win is to become knowledgeable of those things you need to avoid.  MSG is only one of them.  People that are sensitive to MSG are also sensitive to man made sugars, any hydrolyzed protein, any autolyzed yeast product, sodium and calcium caseinate (which is really a hydrolyzed milk protein), maltodextrin, carrageenan and most of the "gums" and extractives.

I can tell you that meats not injected with anything are safe.  Vegetables that are boiled, fried or steamed are safe.  Snack foods like potato chips (with no flavors), corn chips with no flavors, and nuts, that are not processed such as beer nuts planters nuts, are safe.  Eggs are safe and frozen waffles such as Eggos are safe if they don't have a lot of flavors added.  There are no soups in a can that are safe except for tomato soup.  All pasta is safe and most italian sauces are safe. 

Bottom line, though, is that you have to read labels to be sure.  It is the only way not to eat excitotoxins.    We do normally eat pumpernickel rye bread.  It is safe.  This site has a lot of information that should be useful to you.  Our site at is also loaded with useful information.  You may feel free to ask us any questions concerning foods by type or brand and we will do all we can to help you with your cause. 

I am really glad I found your site. I just recently realized that all of the symptoms I have been having are all related to MSG. I have started eliminating MSG from my diet. I am feeling much better.
 I don't always have a lot of time to research the forums for information. I am a full time single mom, nursing student, and work weekends to support us all. So if I ask a question do you think someone might direct me to the right spot? Not being lazy just limited on spare time. And a big thank you for the laminated card! That will help so much when doing my shopping! Is there anywhere on this forum to find a list of foods we for sure know do not have MSG? I am having problems finding bread to buy that doesn't have the malt barley. Any suggestions? I love to say I have time to bake all my bread but I just don't. Thanks in advance for anyone that has a suggestion!
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Dear Members of,

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Now concerning Email...
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Our new email address are as follows (we have more than one to share):

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Ramblings of a MisFiT / Paula Creamer's miracle golf shot
« Last post by misfitguy on March 03, 2014, 07:55:18 AM »

OK sports fans.  Paula Creamer made this incredible putt to win the tournament, and it is truly a miracle shot.  But the reason I am posting this is because of her reaction.  It is fabulous.  It is the type of reaction I love and to be honest, will make me blubber like a new born.  I can picture all the great  men golfers making this shot and pumping their arm in the air or high fiving their caddie.  Paula Creamer let it all out.  She fell to her knees.  She broke into tears and she hugged anybody in the area.  Watch it and tell me you weren't affected.

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