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A River Reborn in the Desert


When I seen this video, I thought about all the times Mick and I hear about how the washes in the deserts of Arizona fill up with water in an instant.  The river, in the video, spectacularly curls around into a waterfall with spectators and a dog watching nearby.

--- Quote ---The river Zin, which drains into the Dead Sea, is about 75 miles long and runs through the Negev Desert, in southern Israel. While it's referred to as a river, usually only the dry bed of the Zin can be seen. Also called the Nahal Zin, the river rarely holds any water due to the arid desert conditions.
--- End quote ---

Source:  http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/incredible-video-shows-river-returning-to-the-desert-in-israel-after-years-of-drought-150925806.html?vp=1




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