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Products that contain MSG or other excitotoxins
« on: January 21, 2009, 09:52:35 AM »
List of items that probably contain MSG or other excitotoxims.

One of the things we tell people that they must learn to do is to read labels.  It isn’t always easy, but you must practice until you can stand in an aisle in a grocery store and quickly go through the long list of unpronounceable names.  If you don’t do this, then you will continue to ingest excitotoxins.  It may seem like there isn’t anything left to eat.  If you are the average citizen, let’s face the facts.  You will have to change the way you eat as well as what you eat if you want to get excitotoxins out of your life. 

-Frozen entrees. Most of these will contain MSG, or hydrolyzed protein or xanthum gum or other excitotoxins.  It is why you can simply micro-wave them and they taste good. 

-Frozen dinners.  Many of us from my generation remember when frozen dinners tasted bad.  Now they don’t and that is because they use excitotoxins.

-Anything frozen with breading will almost always contain some excitotoxins.  Remember it isn’t just MSG that is bothering you.  Learn the list of other excitotoxins. 

-Anything that is seasoned, such as seasoned fries.  Do not ever again order seasoned fries in a restaurant.  Never buy seasoned frozen fries to bring home and fix.

-Most seasoning packets that you use to create a sauce or dressing or gravy.  I say most, because I haven’t seen them all, but I can say everyone I ever checked has excitotoxins in them.

-Marinated meats you find in the meat department.  I have seen pork loin that are packaged in preseasoned juices.  They contain excitotoxins. 

-If you have a friend that cooks, bakes, barbeques, roasts, etc something for you, and they say they have a secret spice or ingredient they use, question them.  Most of the time it is some over the counter seasoned salt or ethnic seasoning and they all have excitotoxins.  One of the most popular secret spices is Accent which is 100% MSG. 

-When a restaurant says they have homemade soup, you must ask them if they use a stock from a can or bouillon, because all stocks and bouillon that are purchased have excitotoxins.  There is no exception to this rule.

-If a restaurant uses a mix for the breading on their fish, chicken, etc, it will have excitotoxins in it most of the time.  If you eat regularly at a location and you take the time to do these checks with the products they use, you can increase the number of items on the menu you may select.

-One of the more recent things that restaurants are doing is using a flavored butter to cook items in.  For instance, many are using a “pancake” butter to cook pancakes in and they taste good.  They also contain at least three incidences of excitotoxins.

-If a snack food has a flavor, it has excitotoxins.  There are no exceptions.  We eat pretzels or plain potato chips.  I prefer those that are cooked in sunflower seed oil because they are less greasy.  This little side note has nothing to do with MSG, but I just threw in my 2¢ worth. 

-All diet drinks and foods that depend on an artificial sweetener, such as Aspartame, will cause the same side-effects as MSG and other excitotoxins. 


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