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Jeaniene Frost and other Vampire Novel Writers


Heads up guys!!  Most of these are girlie books.   [peace]

I have been reading Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series and I have to say, I've finally found my favorite author.  She has only wrote three books with the fourth coming out in July/August and I have already re-read her books going on the third time through.  I decided I had to find other authors hopefully in the same genre that I like just as much.

I tried Kim Harrison's The Outlaw Demon Wails, but I had a problem believing a pixie could fashion a straightened plastic coated paper clip in such a way that would give a witch strength in overcoming a demon.  ^:|--  I gave the book to a friend.

Alex Archer's Eternal Journey was another I read recently.  It's not a Vampire novel.  I did find it adventurous and interesting, and I will probably read more of Archer's Rogue Angel Series.  I do tend to like more conversation in the books I read.

I just picked up three more books today having no idea which one is going to be the one, or even second best.  I look forward to finding out.  I researched Laurell K. Hamilton on the internet and purchased Bloody Bones.  A friend suggested the Twilight Series and even though it's for the younger reader, I purchased a copy.  And the third was The Vampire's Revenge by Raven Hart which was a compulsive purchase.

There are two other authors I'm going to check out - Mick Farren and Brian Lumley - after I finish with three new books I just purchased.

Well, that's some of what I've been doing lately.  Anyone have any suggests?  Please share.

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