Author Topic: Lions winning the Super Bowl  (Read 2281 times)

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Lions winning the Super Bowl
« on: January 13, 2009, 04:51:46 PM »

The Devil was once walking through Hell on inspection when he noticed a couple of guys laying on lounge chairs, drinking iced tea, smiling and enjoying themselves.  He turned to his assistance and asked, "Who are these characters?" 

His assistance said, "Yoopers.  It is so cold up there, they love the heat here."

The Devil looked at them and said, "Turn up the heat.  We'll see about that."

The next day Old Nick was again touring Hell when he saw the two Yoopers in speedo's throwing a frisbee back and forth laughing and having a ball.  He said, "I though I told you to turn up the heat?"

"I did," the assistant answered, "  It seems we can't make it too hot for them.  They just spent too many years in the Upper Peninsula in the cold, I guess."

"That's it," admonished the Devil.  "Turn off the heat and freeze them, then." 

The next day when he entered the section of Hell with the Yoopers, they were in muk-luks, fur coats and mittens and they were dancing and whooping up a storm, happier than even before.

He rushed over to them and said, "Hey I don't get it.  I tried to burn you up and you liked it so I froze you and you are even happier.  What's the deal?"

They looked at him with their faces glowing with joy and started yelling, "The Lions must of won the Super Bowl.  The Lions must have won the Super Bowl."
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