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Look and Layout Settings
« on: January 05, 2007, 05:52:03 PM »
To All Users,

I was trying to create a little different layout for all users but, in fact, these features in question are for each individual user to determine for themselves.

I have personally changed my layout by adding a quick reply box at the bottom of each thread/topic and my preference to return to topics after posting.

Users can change their own Look and Layout Preferences by following these instructions:
1.)  Go to Profile
2.)  Click Look and Layout Preferences located in the left column
3.)  Change various your preferences, which include:

Quote from: Look and Layout Preference Options:
Time Format Options
Time Offset
Show board descriptions inside boards. 
Show child boards on every page inside boards, not just the first. 
Don't show users' avatars. 
Don't show users' signatures. 
Return to topics after posting by default. 
Don't warn on new replies made while posting. 
Show most recent posts at the top. 
Show most recent personal messages at top. 
First day of the week on the calendar:  a.)  Sunday b.)  Monday c.)  Saturday 
Use quick reply on topic display:  a.)  don't show at all b.)  show, off by default c.)  show, on by default 
Show quick-moderation on message index as  a.)  don't show. b.)  checkboxes. c.)  icons.
Please feel free to ask questions or respond.

>>>If you need more help with your profile, then go here.<<<
You can get to this location by clicking "HELP" and then clicking "PROFILE".
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