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History of the Filibuster
« on: January 16, 2013, 09:46:01 AM »
I received this email, which I edited and thought that the information concerning the filibuster was important.  I left contact information for the organization that distributed the email but didn't leave all the links they had.  Anybody interested in this organization can simply go to their links I left and make conact.


An odd word, filibuster. What does it come from and what does it

Stop The Filibuster action page:

It was not until at least 50 years after the Constitutional
Convention that some perverse senators had the evil idea of
exploiting an inadvertent defect in the rules to hijack the process .
 pirates of the Constitution. And that is exactly how they were
viewed at the time.

The middle of the nineteenth century was the heyday for rogue
military adventurers from the United States, organizing their own
freelance invasions of Cuba, parts of Mexico, and other countries in
Central and South America. In the early 1850s a new word entered the
English lexicon to describe their activities. They were called
"filibusterers," adopted from the Spanish word "filibustero" for
pirates of the 16th and 17th centuries, that word itself derived from
the Dutch word "vrijbuiter," for privateer, plunderer or freebooter.

And virtually no sooner than the word filibuster had been coined to
mean military pirates, it was immediately applied to also describe
the activity of any Senator who would dare to steal the voting rights
of the People by unilaterally and spitefully obstructing legislation.

According to Merriam-Webster, the very first use of the word
filibuster dates from 1851. On February 11, 1853 an entry in The
Congressional Record states that, "A filibuster was indulged in which
lasted for nine continuous calendar days," demonstrating it was
already in common usage in the Senate context. So even though
filibusters were rare at first, they were considered wholly
disreputable from the beginning.

So we are not interested at all in assertions that the filibuster is
now part of some proud Senate tradition. It was always and will
remain a shameful and criminal practice, which is now being so
outrageously abused that is must be finally abolished.

Stop The Filibuster action page:

For those of our participants who are active on Facebook, you can
also check out the new People Lobby page we have started over there.

The People Lobby page on Facebook:

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