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A Biker Poem
« on: March 06, 2008, 07:14:43 AM »
This was written by a friend from Australia.  She is not only a poet but a biker as well.  I teared up when I read it.  Hope you do as well.

100% Freedom

When your body becomes as dusty and lived in as your bike
and you wear your low heeled boots like a pair of feet,
when the deep etched expression of pure satisfaction
is scrawled across your face in grubby creases running deep.

When your leathers are weathered and stiff from years of highways
and your helmet is pitted with a tale to tell for every scratch,
when your hair is as swept as the tumbleweeds in the desert
and your vest is a tattered flag flapping across your back.

When your heart bursts with pride from an all day ride
and the thrumming coursing through your hands never stops,
when everything's hot except the fresh air across your face
and the white line curls unending along the black top.

When the chuckling escapes you from barely contained glee
at the roar of the machine which rumbles by your side,
when the smell of hot oil is worn like an invisible cloak
and the excitement steals over you anticipating the ride.

When weariness sets in and the stars guide you at night
and the taste of the earth rests in your dry mouth,
when through gritty teeth you sing to the tune of the motor
is when you will really know what 100% freedom is about.

© copyright T. Garvie
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