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Wouldn't you know it
« on: October 21, 2006, 11:45:14 AM »
(This was first written on Feb 18, 2005 on our Proboards site.)

Wouldn't you know it
? Thread Started on Feb 18, 2005, 12:40pm ?   


We rented the house we live in a year ago last October. It is located between a restaurant and a very busy gas station/convenient store. The house is owned by the family that runs the restaurant and our back door actually empties into the parking lot for the restaurant.

It happens to be one of the most private houses I have ever lived in. Even though there are people constantly parking behind our house and going to the restaurant and there are hundreds of people that go to the station next door, if I mention where we live to locals, they don't remember a house being there.

When we rented it, we knew that the restaurant, a corner store and five other houses were for sale by the family. Today we were notified that they had managed to sell the lot and we are to have new landlords. Since the house is located in a prime location for a driveway, Sassafras and I feel that we will be given notice to vacate soon.

So we are now starting to look for another house, or property to build a pole barn on or whatever. Don't you hate moving?

Oh well, I guess this is just part of the adventure. 

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