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Post started by northcountry57: Northern Hunkering...
« on: October 21, 2006, 11:53:24 AM »
(This was first written on Feb 16, 2005 on our Proboards site.  The posts date to Apr 29, 2005 and includes a total of 5 posts.)

Northern Hunkering...
? Thread Started on Feb 16, 2005, 6:47pm ?   

 We know about hunkering up here too, but we don;t hunker as good as you guys. We work opposite shifts so we only really see each other on weekends. Car repairs and medical expenses last year flattened us, but we really didn;t change a lot of what we do. We fish all the time (come on up and we'll show you the good spots) summer and winter and camp a lot all summer and fall, don;t spend much money to do either. I hibernate as much as I can all winter, but Jerry loves the cold and snow and we ice fish every weekend. My time is spring and summer, with everything coming back to life and starting our garden and all the good stuff. Our dogs definately prefer the spring as well! 


Re: Northern Hunkering...
? Reply #1 on Feb 17, 2005, 10:02pm ?   

Jenny, we are going to surely come up there this summer. Sassafras and I started fishing seriously, last year. Sass is a pretty good fisherlady. How about small mouth? Any up there? We also go to about 3 Bigfoot outings a year. This year probably one this spring in the Huron National Forest, one in August in the Upper Peninsula and one in July in Indiana. You'll have to see the thread I am starting tonight on bigfoot.

Anyway, hunkering is not something that is done lightly, but should be taken with seriousness and accomplished with dignity and skill. I bet you guys are good at it.



Re: Northern Hunkering...
? Reply #2 on Apr 27, 2005, 7:28pm ?   

Hey... come on up whenever you want- we discovered a great little bluegill lake that also has nice large mouth bass and big perch... give us a holler!    :-*


Re: Northern Hunkering...
? Reply #3 on Apr 28, 2005, 10:35pm ?   

We'll be holding you to that. Are you fishing yet or is it too cold? I should be out on the pier heads, but, hey, it so cold out on the water. Brrrrrrrrrr. On the other hand, March is the month I have caught some steelhead and early perch.

Maybe tomorrow.\

We will be calling you guys. Love to fish bluegill. Actually I like to catch large mouth, too, but I don't like to eat them.



Re: Northern Hunkering...
? Reply #4 on Apr 29, 2005, 8:38pm ?   

Hey There North Lovers,

I was checking our schedule (which is posted on our website aka "Our Schedule") to see our availabilty to go fishing in your neck of the woods. For the most part, the weekdays look the best, but I am unsure if your guys' schedule would allow weekday fishing. There are some open weekends in July and August, but they is so far away.

I hope we can get together soon. Those fish are not going to wait forever for us.  :D



PS Like Mick, I like catching blue gill too. But heck, I like catching anything... just ask Mick.  ;D

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