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My first mystery
« on: February 02, 2009, 03:08:20 PM »
I grew up in Margaretville, Nova Scotia, a small fishing village atop the north Mountain, overlooking the Bay of Fundy and picturesque Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. It was here in this tiny village that I first discovered mystery. The Bay of Fundy is shrouded in mystery. There are many folk tales told by the local elders of ghostly pirate ships seen passing through the mist on foggy evenings. It all sounded romantic, but the mystery I discovered there may very well be the greatest natural phenomenon in Atlantic Canada, no less divine than Magnetic Hill, in Moncton New Brunswick.

There is an island in the Bay of Fundy, just off the coast of Margaretville that the locals refer to as "Isle A' Haut". The island is very small, about two miles in length. I cannot be sure of it's width as I have never seen an aerial view of it. It has no shoreline. Its cliffs jut straight out of the water about 100 ft. No other information has been documented regarding this island. I have checked all of the old and modern maps of Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy, not one of them have charted this island.

At first I paid no mind to it, but as the months and years passed, I noticed something strange about it indeed.
I noticed that the Isle A' Haut never keeps the same position in the Bay for more than three days. Every three days it would be in a different location in the Bay. For example; day one would have it located directly offshore, in front of you and close to the mainland. Sometimes it would be so close that you could row or swim out to it and explore it, but heaven help you if you got stranded! Within a few more days it would be located farther out into the bay and closer to the New Brunswick mainland. Another few days would bring it back to the Nova Scotia side, but it would be located southwest, toward the Digby Neck. Within yet, another few days, it would make its way northeast and be located near the Minus Basin. Another few days would bring it back to its original position, directly in front of you and close to the mainland. The Isle A' Haut follows this pattern harmoniously from month to month, year after year.

I pondered this mystery for years and could only find one logical explanation.

The Bay of Fundy boasts the highest tides in the world. It would seem that they are also the most powerful. From the pattern the island follows every month, I have concluded that the Isle A' Haut rolls in, out, back and forth with the tides! An honest to goodness "floating" island. It may be a chunk which broke away from the mainland with no anchorage or grounding to the ocean floor or continental plate.
I began searching the school libraries for information on other such phenomenon and thus began my journey into the unknown realm of mystery, at least on a conscious level. On a deeper level, my subconscious was preparing to provide the clues which would enable me to solve an even greater mystery. That mystery is me.
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