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The Bible in black and white
« on: February 06, 2009, 01:15:02 AM »
Ever wonder why there is so much argument and controversy over the authenticity of the truth the Bible has to reveal? Biblical scholars spend many hours of their lives trying to literally figure the Bible out. I have read the Bible from the Book of Genesis to the Book of revelations at least six times. There is enough contradiction in the Bible to confuse anyone when taken literally. Every line written in the Bible can have 55 different meanings to 55 different people with 55 different points of view. I believe every word written in the Bible contains God's Truth.

The beauty and brilliance of the Bible is found in its polarity. It holds the key to "enlightenment" AND it holds the key to "darkness/ignorance". It was written intentionally in this manner for the purpose of instilling faith.

The Bible was written in black and white.

White is day
Black is night
Black is "darkness"
White is "light".

Since the Bible was written, man has put all of his focus into trying to literally interpret the "black", (words of the Bible), that he has become totally oblivious to the true value of the "white". (message between the lines). Between every word and phrase written in the Bible, there are many "unwritten" elaborations. To see them requires faith. Faith means literally; "the evidence of things unseen", therefore your faith is strengthened and understanding becomes clear when you are able to see with God's clarity, that which "hasn't" been written. For example, how many people of Jewish and Christian faith instill within themselves and others the 'fear of God' because the Bible simply states; "Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom"?

This statement as it is written is God's ultimate truth. No word of it is false. But in its literal interpretation it is very misleading. Instead of fearing God, why don't I seek to understand Him? As we all know, every beginning has a "middle" and an "end" result. Let us rewrite this statement, fill in the gaps and discover what is not apparent in its literal interpretation.

"Fear of God is the "beginning" of wisdom".
Facing that fear is the "acquiring" of wisdom.
Overcoming fear is the "achievement" of wisdom.

Wisdom is a journey which "begins" with fear. Let faith be your guide.

Upon the achievement, the understanding then becomes "In God, there is nothing to fear".

God's light is so bright it has blinded the eyes of mankind for three thousand years!

The Ten Commandments is another example. The old testament lists them in order, but in the New Testament, Jesus asks Nicodemus which commandment is the most important. These are all God's commandments. How can one have more significance than any of the others? The law of love is the first commandment. "Love the Lord God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength and thy neighbor as thyself". If everyone followed faithfully this one simple commandment, it would be impossible to break any of the others! When this law is obeyed, the others have no significance! They don't don't exist. All of the commandments are integrated into one universal law.

 Isn't the Bible full of wonder? It provides us with the one universal law, then gives us eight examples of how we can follow it!

These are only two examples of the many truths the Bible has to reveal. It is obvious that god truly loves us and asks only that we seek to understand Him. It is Better to face and overcome your 'Fear of God' and live securely within your 'understanding' of Him, than to remain in fear and live insecurely within a dark cloud of ignorance.

To begin to understand God you only need to gather some faith, don a pair of cosmic bifocals and read His word between the lines. Toss the key that has blinded you and seek the key that will enlighten you.

As God as my witness, I cannot tell a lie.  ;)

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Re: The Bible in black and white
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2009, 07:13:59 AM »
Your essay is very interesting and very Christian.  Since the whole premise is based on Faith it leaves out any chance for logic.  I see the Bible as a manual for living.  It is a documentation of directions given to the believers to help them live their lives, daily, in a way that would please God.  Faith has little to do with it.  It is the logic of God that is imparted to us in all of His writings that intrigues me.  It is the life experiences that help us apply those directions that are valuable.

You mentioned that you have lived homeless.  So have I.  It teaches on humility.  Before this experience, I surely knew what humility was and maybe even thought I had experienced it.  In fact, as I look back, I probably thought I was more humble than others and of course simply having that thought means that I hadn't yet experienced humility.  Today, I find it one of the more strengthening attributes of God, but still fleeting as well.  The important thing, though, is that I am able to see the worth of it and the need to attain it, if only for moments at a time.  The point I am making is that the Writings told me about humility, but until I experienced it, I didn't understand it.

Intersting topic.  Thank you for the post.
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Re: The Bible in black and white
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2009, 02:25:12 PM »
When you say; "It is the life experiences which help us apply those directions that are valuable", I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanx for your interest and your feedback.
As God as my witness, I cannot tell a lie.  ;)