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Food for the mind?
« on: July 07, 2009, 04:25:44 PM »
I have not seen this film yet. I plan to.

It's hard to see Food, Inc. and not be inspired. Okay, so most people might not be selling their house and quitting their office job to become full time farmers, but the movie certainly inspires people to change something in their lives. There's a lot of super simple but highly effective things you can do to transition off of a corn-based diet, lessen your carb(on) food/footprint, support local farmers and choose humanely raised meats. We are thrilled by the deluge of emails we've received from people across the country who are inspired by the film and want to make changes but are looking for some help.

Below is a list to some of the most commonly asked questions.

1. Where can I buy organic food? The Eat Well Guide is a handy resource which lists local farmers markets, farms, restaurants and Community Supported Agricultural programs in your area, all of which offer organic and sustainable foods.

2. Where can I buy sustainably raised meat? Eat Wild is a user-friendly resource with listings for grass-fed meat and dairy near you. Do you need some clarification on all of those confusing terms used to describe meat products, such pasture-raised, non-confined or natural? If so, Sustainable Table's wallet-sized glossary of meat production will help you better understand what these each mean.

3. What is the status of Kevin's law? Unfortunately, nothing right now. However, you can support the ongoing work of Barb Kowlacyk and her mom, Pat Buck, for safer food standards nationwide through their organization, Center for Foodborne Illness, Research and Prevention.

4. How can I get in touch with Michael Pollan? Yes, he's a hot commodity right now, but you can chat with him! There will be live-chat with him this Thursday at 3PM PST on Facebook. Click here for details.

5. I didn't see Food, Inc. When is it coming to my town? We're constantly adding new cities and theaters, but if yours isn't listed here, tell your local theater that you want to see it! And, stay tuned for the DVD release date.

Assuming these actions whet your appetite, don't forget to check out the official film site which offers lots of juicy resources. The 10 tips will help to jump start some lifestyle changes you can make now. Learn more about issues raised in the film, ranging from workers rights to genetic engineering and connect with organizations leading efforts to reform our industrial food system. The enthusiasm generated by Food, Inc. is evidence that it is helping to galvanize people across the country who are all committed to making sure we all have access to safe, healthy and sustainable foods.

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