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Does religion do more harm or good?

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Watch this Soul Pancake video and let us know... Does religion do more harm or good?
Video was recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Just Me


I agree (just a little bit) with George Carlin on this;

"Religion - religion, at best - at BEST - is like a lift in your shoe. If you need it for a while, and it makes you walk straight and feel better - fine. ... Religion is like a lift in the shoe, and I say just don't ask me to wear your shoes. And let's not go down and nail lifts onto the natives' feet."
--George Carlin
... other than that, it is not religion (at least not the great monotheistic traditions) that causes all the problems, but it is the twisting and distortion of these great traditions that is destructive.

   "Imagine"     [(Y)]


The religions of God are good.  That is really a simple question.  If one has a belief in God and God is Good then the worship of Him must be good.  Anything bad would be of man.  Now in the name of religion, mankind has done some very bad things.  It is not the religion that was bad, but the actions of mankind that was bad.  The minute the teachings within a religion become dogmatic and turn away from the teachings of the Manifestation that the religion was formed around, it is no longer a religion of God, but becomes a political unit that is formed for the betterment of individuals and not of the whole. 

Here are some examples.  It is pretty much accepted that the USA has an unbalanced wealth; unbalanced when comparing it with other nations.  This imbalance within the USA goes even further with most of the wealth centering around people of white skinned European descent.  It is also claimed that this is a Christian nation and the wealthy are generally expected to be Christians.  And yet, these Christian white people are generally fearful of having to share their wealth with others.  They fight taxes, immigration, international assistance, welfare, health reform, and any other legislation that would force them to give up a little of their riches.  They will spend millions of dollars to keep from having to share thousands.  There is nothing in the teachings of Christ that would justify these actions, but there is much in the religions of Christianity that would suggest to these individuals that they are doing God's work by opposing the sharing policies of socialism.  Somehow, capitalism had become a Christian mantra.  This is how a religion of God can be changed to a religion of man.

We continue to confuse Arabs and Orientals and Islam.  If an Arab does something dastardly, we blame the teachings of the Koran and Mohammed.  When a Christian does something bad, do we blame the Bible and the teachings of Christ?  The Islamic fundamentalist is no different than the Christian fundamentalist or the Hindu fundamentalist, or the Buddhist fundamentalist you get the picture?  The term fundamentalist today has come to describe an individual that is steeped in tradition, not knowledge.  They seem to believe that there is only one knowledge and that is the knowledge that was passed to them.  The idea that knowledge could be evolutionary is beyond their ability to ponder.  They are suspicious of anybody that is not like them and feel threatened by others different.  The Islamic fundamentalist use their brand of religion to justify all their horrible actions against other individuals, even fellow Moslems.  For the wont of a bunch of virgins in their imagined heaven, they are willing to kill and commit suicide.  Show me where the basis of the Islamic religion is to kill or to commit suicide so you can have some sort of sexual adventure in the next life, and I will give you a jeep.  Really.

The religion of God is good.  The religion of man may not be.


  'excuse my English writing)
Does religion do more harm or good? Neither the one, nor the other one, from my point of view
I agree whith the former post its
 I'll try briefly to give you many ways of thinking, " In the spirit and not literally"

 religion is not the question, or has nothing to do with, as you know, the main difficulty we face is the " communication" between people and even in the same family,
 example: if you have three sisters and brothers , your parents give you the same education and  Religion,
you will have for each of them a very different person and religion, due to their understanding
it will be difficult to find a subject that  agree everybody.

Why ? From my point of view,
it's come from our natural survival fear of  food shortage,
more your fear is big, more your need will be, and for some of us, they will never be satisfied or have enough, they are insatiable
we say" your eyes are bigger than your stomach"

which bring me to this formula (  MONEY =  FOOD)

 the following questions in our organised society:

How  :  to live, to feed youself and your familly, to find a job ?
Who estimates the price of your work
How the market is regulated  and why ? What is the political part, what is their involvement .
 how you can manipulate people by food lacking.
How it easy to make a war, ans so on

we always talk about" American dream"  but for whom ?(it's a kind of religion, based on money, way to drive people, like Christ "love one another", do what I tell, not what I do, etc ).

More  you ask , more you will approach to your critical sensibility to the money and you will find your need, then it will be easy  to find your WAY, you will choose your futur with those new parameters to focus on your goal much easily

once you have find your  sensitivity level about money, then you will understood how the people work,
there is no difference thinking between women and men. They have the same goal : the food.
how some of us need or not the religion,
You will shape your futur  with better chance to success, because it will be your own choice.

I don't no, if my point of view help you to have another thought on religion
people need to believe for supporting this live, as they don't understand the system where they live
they will not find their place
to know is good but to understand is better
good meditation


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