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Introductions are in order...


Hello fellow MisFiTs, my name is Mike.
Before I say anything else, I will state that I am 17 years old. "An angsty teenager... in our forum?" Ha, just kidding. Anyway, Mick has mentioned good things about this forum and it's high-time that I finally register. (I've failed to register earlier due to multiple distractions...) I met Mick a few years ago at a nearby Gun and Knife Show... I believe I was buying some highlighted glasses. Every time I've passed by his booth since, we've always picked up conversations on a selection of topics and controversies. Not only has the overall conversing been pleasant, but I was actually given the courtesy of knowing that my opinions were held in equal status. To further the compliment, Mick has also proven to be one of the wisest individuals I've ever met.
Well, I must say that I look forward to meeting you all and getting a chance to share my opinion, wherever it may seem appropriate to share. Thanks again...



Glad you made it.  We've been out of town at a Gun and Knife Show in Mason and then at the U of M medical center for a surgery consultation.  Just getting home and catching up with my email. 

I thank you for the compliments and "right back at ya..."  You are one of the youth that the rest of us old dogs are looking to as world changers.  I suspect you will always be an influence in your own world.  Us old people simply hope that you and those like you will widen your world so as to help the rest of us struggling souls.  The Misfit City is eclectic, as I told you, but it is also randomly busy.  I will guarantee you this, though.  It is read by hundreds daily.  We track usage and the majority of those that enter the Forum, are coming in on searches.  So if you have an opinion that you would like to share with the world, here is the place to share it.  Also, Mike, please jump into any of the conversations that have been posted in the past.  Doesn't matter if they seem dated, because some of us always watch for new posts and if you bump up an old topic, it simply starts our motor running again.  There are a lot of topics here so I hope you can find the time to read some and to comment on them as well.

Welcome aboard,


LOL!  I was an angsty teen, too.  I'm still angsty, just not a teen, or maybe I am one at heart at least.  Mick is a gem, I've never met him except online (and maybe gotten to voice chat a couple of times) but we seem to be of one mind on most things.  I hope one day to go to work at one or more of his shows, I'm sure I'd have a good time, he might have a hard time putting up with my angstyness, though.   ~D~

Welcome to the forum!   d(BD)b


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