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This Guy's My Hero


This is the AMAZING video Mick is bragging about to everyone in the shows.

Just Me

Click the link below


Post Your Funny Logs And Enjoy this topic


--- Quote from: MaiYakRuTao on October 22, 2014, 12:17:49 AM ---
Post Your Funny Logs And Enjoy this topic

--- End quote ---

Not you again!!

Let's review Rule #1.  Opine your thoughts after reviewing the translation.  Learn it, know it, love it.

For those who don't know, comment spamming is prevalent on message boards and this person is no different and our Forum is just another venue.  Rather than report this person for deletion, I thought I would have a little funny at their expense.

Yours truly,
The opining Alpine, at your service.

BTW,  The rider in the video definitely shows heroic characteristics.  Awesome skills!!!


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