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Ramblings of a MisFiT / Re: I'm a Lions fan....Really!
« Last post by Minzerrezz on January 24, 2017, 03:20:16 AM »

This is a great benefit me. I read it and it was really very good advantage.
MisFiT Lounge / Re: Parking Lot Disaster
« Last post by Minzerrezz on January 24, 2017, 03:20:08 AM »

I never even knew stories, about this before. Until I read this. It is very helpful.
I was at Olive Garden Saturday with my family and had  the Chicken Piccata.  I asked for no tomatoes.  The first one they brought out had the tomatoes and the waitress took it back.  The second one they left off the tomatoes and left off the capers and used a totally different sauce.  By the time they made the third one my kids were finished and I took it home.  I ate it today for lunch and now, 20 minutes later, I have a really bad headache.  It has to be something with their chicken because that is the only thing I ate for lunch with water.  I normally get pasta dishes and don't have trouble.
Religion :: Namely, the Baha'i Faith / Re: Does religion do more harm or good?
« Last post by hector123 on May 21, 2016, 11:03:57 AM »
  'excuse my English writing)
Does religion do more harm or good? Neither the one, nor the other one, from my point of view
I agree whith the former post its
 I'll try briefly to give you many ways of thinking, " In the spirit and not literally"

 religion is not the question, or has nothing to do with, as you know, the main difficulty we face is the " communication" between people and even in the same family,
 example: if you have three sisters and brothers , your parents give you the same education and  Religion,
you will have for each of them a very different person and religion, due to their understanding
it will be difficult to find a subject that  agree everybody.

Why ? From my point of view,
it's come from our natural survival fear of  food shortage,
more your fear is big, more your need will be, and for some of us, they will never be satisfied or have enough, they are insatiable
we say" your eyes are bigger than your stomach"

which bring me to this formula (  MONEY =  FOOD)

 the following questions in our organised society:

How  :  to live, to feed youself and your familly, to find a job ?
Who estimates the price of your work
How the market is regulated  and why ? What is the political part, what is their involvement .
 how you can manipulate people by food lacking.
How it easy to make a war, ans so on

we always talk about" American dream"  but for whom ?(it's a kind of religion, based on money, way to drive people, like Christ "love one another", do what I tell, not what I do, etc ).

More  you ask , more you will approach to your critical sensibility to the money and you will find your need, then it will be easy  to find your WAY, you will choose your futur with those new parameters to focus on your goal much easily

once you have find your  sensitivity level about money, then you will understood how the people work,
there is no difference thinking between women and men. They have the same goal : the food.
how some of us need or not the religion,
You will shape your futur  with better chance to success, because it will be your own choice.

I don't no, if my point of view help you to have another thought on religion
people need to believe for supporting this live, as they don't understand the system where they live
they will not find their place
to know is good but to understand is better
good meditation
Politics / Fascism in America
« Last post by RichardLern on May 17, 2016, 05:08:47 AM »
Im not talking about College, Dred.  Im talking about the "state training" you receive in Elementary and Middle school, you know, before most really start thinking for themselves?  No, I dont think we disagree at all about Fascism, I was referring to America once being a Democracy.
"Dr. Wallach is a national hero, who's work sits in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., as a national treasure. As it should because in addition to Veterinary Degree he also has a Pathology Degree, "

General Custer is considered a National Hero, for God's sake so that doesn't say an awful lot about "American Heroes".  These products contain excitotoxins such as hydrolyzed proteins, GMO's, maltodextrin (a fake sugar), Aspartame (causes brain lesions which can and do turn into brain tumors) and autolyzed proteins which are all another way of creating MSG.  That is monosodiumglutamate.  The number one cause of headaches, ADHD, obesity and research is showing that their is a connection to MSG and other excitotoxins to Alzheimers, Parkinson disease and MS.  We are going to leave this post on the forum but take the hyperlinks off.  We normally just delete any commercial posts that don't try to add to the forum but are simply marketing methods for products but your post is so ludicrous that we felt it was important to leave it on so others can see the debate between the commercial element driven by profit and the suffering element trying to eliminate the symptoms that they have. 
Religion :: Namely, the Baha'i Faith / Re: God does not punish
« Last post by The William on March 20, 2016, 04:44:48 AM »
I am... Unsure of my role in creation. I am reaching out to know my purpose. I have been granted power of creation, the will and essence needed to alter reality. I have seen the proof of my delusions. There are those in my life that KNOW beyond doubt i am Nad. And yet there are those in my life that KNOW beyond doubt that my knowledge of Creation, of which i have come face to face with as a conscious realm, is true, and good. There are those that do not see me as any kind of Evil, but i ask, are they deveived? Am i a deveiver? THE DECEIVER, perhaps? Yes, i have lied, to have lost count of them, and i have been at one point every sin, in my intemperate youth, i have been almost every aspect of humanity, both good and bad. My greatest wish is to unify humanity through laughter, and wisdoms gained in my trials, and i have been ever so tested. But we come now to the year where all of creation as we perceive it is bending to our wills, and i do fesr that i am to be an evil, a destroyer, rather than a light, and a hope. I do not want any of this, i want simply to be insane, and broken, but i will not, and refuse to, relinquish responsibility for myself, or my truth, if it is indeed my truth to be an apex human. An alpha of spiritual consciousness. Which i seem to be. I will not fail humanity if i am tp be a goodness, but how do i end my influence if am not of God, but of Sin?
Dr. Wallach is a national hero, who's work sits in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., as a national treasure. As it should because in addition to Veterinary Degree he also has a Pathology Degree, Agriculture Degree, and Naturopathic Doctor. His research consisted of over 20,000 autopsies on animal and humans, and he began to recognize a couple of things :)7.

Those are NSF certified products, and contain the purest non-gmo and organic vitamin mineral complexes, combined and ratioed with the insight of that published national treasure mentioned above. I believe heavy breathing may be an excitotoxin, if framed in a simple context.

Toxins and free radicals continuously bring us down while our bodies fight to keep us alive. If you live on the west coast you're being microwaved and I doubt your thyroid has enough iodine - if you touch a red plastic cup yesterday or leaded glassware this new years or xmas, you've been exposed to etc etc etc... So - we have put together a webinar video by our friend Dr. Peter Glidden, regarding WHAT preservatives and WHY when it comes to nutritional supplements - including humic shale processing.

After 4 years my family and mates only hangup is social stigmas involved with anything related to anything 'alternative' and it's funny how 'nutrition' (vitamins and minerals that is) is stripped from our food and replaced with synthetic vitamins, while real vitamins and minerals are now called 'alternative' and is also targeted or labeled as 'doesn't work' or 'ineffective'.

Most doctors have 1 semester class in nutrition only to be ordained Healer. The smart ones know they are only there to manage symptoms, and may or may not take a personal interest in your health. It's a sick joke however most Doctors do not see it... [welcome]
79 :: To Your Health - Dedicated MSG Section / DATEM in bread
« Last post by Sylvia1787 on February 21, 2015, 09:35:53 PM »
As a person VERY sensitive to MSG and its derivatives, I wanted to know if anyone else has had a problem with this ingredient. I have not found too many others who talk about it. I have successfully avoided most forms of msg for many years, however; a few years ago I discovered I had a reaction to bread ingredients, and the reaction is the most dangerous reaction for me. Usually, whem I eat something containing msg, I have symptoms which alert me to a problem. With DATEM, I have found that I have no warning symptoms. By the time I know something is wrong, I can barely get the words out before I am passed out on the ground, usually hitting something hard and pointy on the way down. Most people I know who are also sensitive, have a far higher tolerance than I. My grandfather and father are sensitive, but they just get headaches, at worst migraines. My least severe reaction is a migraine, the most is a severe, sudden drop in blood sugar. The more recent labeling laws have been the bane of my existence! Was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a reaction to this ingredient.
You probably know of the potential health dangers associated with MSG. MSG is used in hot dogs as a flavoring and is labeled as an excitotoxin meaning that it stimulates the sensitive neurons to the point where they die.


You are correct!  MSG is dangerous to our health.  Excitotoxins, which are dangerous flavor enhancers, do over stimulate brain cells to the point of death.

Concerning hot dogs....  There are some hot dogs which contain a number of Excitotoxins, and there are hot dogs which contain so few that some MSG sensitive people can eat them.  I do eat some hot dog brands.  And I have reacted to some of these brands too.

I ALWAYS stay away from "hydrolyzed", "autolyzed", "caseinate", and "extracts".

I have been eating Bar-S brand hot dogs lately.  I only eat two or three at a time.  These hot dogs do have "flavorings" which is one of the ingredients listed in every list of Excitotoxins.  I can't say that everyone can eat foods with this ingredient.  I am saying that I can, and that others may be able to do the same.  It is impossible to eliminated every Excitotoxin, but people can avoid the ingredients which are certain to cause a reaction and keep the others at a minimum.

It is important to understand that the food industry isn't trustworthy.  There may come a time when Bar-S brand hot dogs add something to their "Flavorings" making their hot dogs too risky to eat.  Right now, though, I can eat them.

I hope this information helps you, Lisa, and others in understanding the finer nuances of Excitotoxins.

Keep up the good fight!!

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