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What Makes People Stupid?
« on: September 21, 2008, 03:42:30 PM »
I was searching for information about MSG in conditioner and through the multiple searches I was preforming on Google, I came across Taste inflation revealed: why sugar, salt and fragrance make you stupid.  The article talks about MSG too!  This article not only caught my eye because there was someone else who disliked MSG as much as I did but also recognized there really are stupid people in this world.  Mick and I have been complaining for years about stupid people.  Mike Adams has hit the nail on the head with this article by connecting stupid to food.  Maybe we really ARE what we eat!!  Also, maybe someone should tell Ron White that we CAN fix stupid!!

I have only posted a highlight of the full article.  I encourage those interested in MSG to read the whole article which can be found at

Enjoy!!  (;D)b

Taste inflation affects brain function
What is the net result of all this taste inflation? You might be fascinated by this, because it's more than just the desensitizing of your taste to the natural flavors and subtleties in organic foods. My theory is that obliterating the subtleties of taste makes people stupid, and I mean this quite literally. By impairing the tongue's sensitivity and by taking away the brain's full spectrum of possible sensations and stimulation, you actually impair a person's cognitive function and learning ability. You make them less aware.

I think this is why we have a general lack of lucidity in the population. I think a lot of it goes back to the taste inflation problem in this country. Because let's face it, if you stuck a person in a room and blasted them with loud music 24 hours a day, they would be unable to hear the subtleties of sound around them. They couldn't go out in nature, for example, and listen to crickets or birds or butterflies. They couldn't even appreciate the subtleties in classical music.

Well, we're doing the same thing with our taste buds. By obliterating the subtleties and overpowering our taste buds with heavy doses of sugar and salt on a daily basis, we numb our tongues and our minds. In fact, I've found that people who tend to eat more processed and sugary foods are, indeed, operating at a lower level of intelligence. Maybe stupid people just tend to eat a lot of processed foods, or maybe processed food makes people stupid. Perhaps a whole cycle is set up: Stupid people start eating processed food, it makes them even more stupid, so they buy more processed food; then, they're on a downward spiral. Pretty soon, they're just an average American consumer, zoning out from reality and buying whatever products are advertised on television because they taste good.

I do know that most of the intelligent people I've ever met are very careful about what they expose themselves to in terms of their senses. They don't blow away their ears with loud music; they don't destroy their sense of taste by overloading it with salt and sugar. They certainly don't wear a lot of perfumes and cologne, because people also dumb down their senses through the sense of smell. When a person loads up on all kinds of fragrance products, including dryer sheets (which is really nothing more than laundry perfume, by the way), perfumed lotions, shampoo that's loaded with perfume and brand name soaps and deodorants that have even more perfume, they dull their sense of smell so much that they cannot even sense the subtleties of smell in the world around them, and thus they become mentally numb. They actually lose intelligence. Pretty soon they're just another zoned out person reacting to consumer marketing messages.

NOTE: Bold within article is emphasis of author.
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