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One smart Puppy


This is Lala Lynn Slowpaw the Cockapoo.

Hey Smoke.  Nice looking lass.  Tell us about her.  Good hearing from you, Smoke.


Hello and thanks Mick, Well lets see.... Layla doesn't really need glasses to read. She just thinks they make her look more grown up. Truth is in the past I've paid less for a car than the cost of this dog. It turns out, in this example at least, that you do get what you pay for. Laya's parents are award winning show dogs, so yep. big time blood line.

Not long ago I would have bet a that I would never again have a dog in my life, but my wife and son double teamed me and after several weeks I gave in. I'm happy I did so. Layla is very loving and very smart. She understands more words than any of the other dogs I have ever lived with. We named her Layla Lynn Slowpaw with Eric Clapton in mind. 


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