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Ramblings of a MisFiT / Re: Paula Creamer's miracle golf shot
« Last post by warrant311 on August 13, 2020, 04:59:03 PM »
Why does Paula Creamer wear 2 pairs of golf trousers?

She had a hole in one
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I ate lasagna at the Olive Garden last night. In the past, the Olive Garden was a safe place for me as long as I avoided anything contaminated with shellfish, which I have a severe allergy to. Shortly into our meal I had my typical migraine aura, which is my equilibrium tilting to the left. I had a pounding migraine for the last 24 hours. Thanks to my migraine medication, Tylenol, Ibuprophen, and a nap I am finally not feeling like I need a surgery to remove my head. I have reacted to MSG in the past, but this was the first time I had an issue with the lasagna. I did have some parmesan cheese added to my soup and a little alfredo sauce on top of my lasagna.  Sigh.....
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Introductions / A big "Howdy!" from Red!!
« Last post by CandyAppleRed on November 19, 2017, 02:12:14 PM »
Howdy all!![peace]

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am married to a wonderful man.  My husband and I live happily in the southwest of the United States.  We consider ourselves world citizens which means we could live anywhere and be happy.  We have a cat and dog who are our family.  I am happy to know there are other misfits like us, so thank you for this forum.  I am interested in learning more about MSG.  I never knew it was so hidden in our food.  I am shocked!!

Until next time.  Red
I was at Olive Garden Saturday with my family and had  the Chicken Piccata.  I asked for no tomatoes.  The first one they brought out had the tomatoes and the waitress took it back.  The second one they left off the tomatoes and left off the capers and used a totally different sauce.  By the time they made the third one my kids were finished and I took it home.  I ate it today for lunch and now, 20 minutes later, I have a really bad headache.  It has to be something with their chicken because that is the only thing I ate for lunch with water.  I normally get pasta dishes and don't have trouble.

I remember your post and I'm thinking I must have sent you a response via email or along with your Laminated Card.  I am unsure why your post on the Forum never was answered so I apologize to you and our fellow members and onlookers.

The dish, Chicken Piccata, you had looks to be safe visually.  I have attached a picture of Chicken Piccata.  I think the culprit was the parmesan breaded zucchini.  I don't know if the parmesan breaded zucchini always come with this dish or if there are choices, but this item is a definite reaction to people suffering from Excitotoxin Sensitivity Syndrome (ESS).

I hope this information is of help to you and to our readers.

Keep up the good fight!!


 [welcome] to the Forum and thank you for posting your incident at Olive Garden on our Forum.  Reactions to MSG and Other Excitotoxins can be tough.  The reaction you encounter was a violent reaction which must be heard. 

I looked up information concerning the ingredients in Cheese Ravioli, unfortunately I wasn't able to find what cheeses were used.  Recently,  there has been an influx of people reacting to dinners with cheese at Olive Garden.  Cheese is normally safe, but as soon as a company, like Olive Garden, responds to cost, the cheeses used can be of low quality which are typically bi-products, and these bi-product cheeses will cause reactions in people with Excitotoxin Sensitivity Syndrome  (ESS).

If you go back to Olive Garden, my suggestion would be to avoid the cheeses, even the parmesan cheese on the salad.  Also, avoid anything breaded.  I'm not talking about bread sticks, I'm talking about breaded chicken, pork, beef, fish, vegetables... anything.  Then report back here with the results.  Of course,  the best way to avoid Excitotoxin-laced food is don't go back to Olive Garden ever again or any other establishment where you react.

Be sure to contact Olive Garden with a detailed account of your reaction if you haven't done so already.  They have to be held accountable.

Keep up the good fight!!

Sassafras Zellar
I ate at Olive Garden two nights ago, thinking nothing of MSG in my food! The next morning I had a headache like I normally get if I have MSG, it got worse, I was dizzy, couldn't stand up, was vomiting. It was the worst reaction I have ever had. I ordered the cheese ravioli with marinara sauce, salad, and two breadsticks. I don't understand what I could have eaten that would have had me react this way. I thought there was no way OG would have MSG in their food, imagine my surprise when I found this thread! Has anyone reacted this way from this food order? I have never reacted like this from Olive Garden before, but I've never had their ravioli.
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