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Title: Jesus Was a What?
Post by: misfitguy on February 27, 2007, 04:22:58 AM
Genetics Proves That Jesus Was ...

Hugh Fogelman & John Stone

Human development begins when a male gamete (sperm) penetrates a female gamete (ovum) -- and becomes a zygote.

Let's back up 1,900 years -- give or take -- and provide the necessary historical background for the newly invented religion of Christianity; or more properly called, "Pauline Christology".

When the New Testament (NT) was being invented, those responsible had no idea of conception and the roles played by genetics and inheritance.  They were conceiving a story to be taught to the ignorant masses.  No one outside of the early church proper was permitted to read a Christian bible.  These bibles were hand written, and accordingly, were relatively rare.

Throughout the Roman empire, most of the human population were ignorant, uneducated -- illiterates.  The church (clergy and theologians) instructed these sheeple what they were to believe.  Little did the inventors of Christianity ever dream of the "Chromosome Theory of Inheritance and Sex Linkage".  A short history follows for your benefit:

  1.   Sutton and Boveri?s chromosome theory of inheritance was proposed in 1902?Genes are located on chromosomes.
  2.   Just previous to this (end of 19th century) biologists had discovered that half of all sperm cells carry a structure called an X body.
  3.   In 1905 the X body were determined to be chromosomes?X chromosomes.
  4.   Then the Y chromosome was also discovered in 1905.
  5.   Together the X and Y chromosomes are known as the sex chromosomes.

Now the cat was out of the bag, but your preachers paid no attention to God's "Laws of Creation".  They kept on filling their pews with sheeple -- your parents, you, your children.  The clergy filled all of you with guilt as bad sinners, fear of the devil, hell fire and the threat of not going to heaven; all the while reaching deeply into your pockets for your money.

Then along comes the Christianity-Revealed Institute for Advanced Christian Studies, where learning never stops [Instead of a diploma you earn "A life free from the lies of Christianity".].  Pay attention, sharpen your pencils, take notes because there might be a "Pop Quiz" tomorrow.

A human has 46 chromosomes arranged in 23 pairs.  The 23rd chromosome determines sex of a new individual.  A chromosome is just a long string of DNA that is wound into a tight bundle.

Man and mammals have an XY chromosome system of sex determination.  Birds use ZW, while turtles and alligators determine sex by the temperature of the embryo during a specific point in development.

Therefore, the sex of a human (as with all mammals) is determined by X and Y chromosomes:

A female has two X chromosomes
A male has one X and one Y

Thus the child Jesus -- a product of virgin birth -- would only have the DNA of his mother (Mary) which would be two X chromosomes.  Since there was no male involved in the conception, there was no source to provide Jesus with the necessary Y chromosome to make her a "him".  Therefore, according to God's laws of nature;

In reality, Jesus was a woman.

Genetics of Sex Determination, Harry Ostrer, M.D., NYU School of Medicine; Ken McElreavey, Ph.D., Pasteur Institute, et al
Title: Re: Jesus Was a What?
Post by: Sassafras on February 27, 2007, 10:22:46 AM
Quote from: misfitguy
In reality, Jesus was a woman.

OR... the virgin birth really didn't happen.

OR... God works in mysterious ways called miracles.

Take your pick... Literal or Symbolic.  But I do have to say, science doesn't lie.  Now, I am not going to jump on the "Jesus was a woman" bandwagon :o, but I would except that either the virgin birth as a symbolic story or even a miracle of God.

Title: Re: Jesus Was a What?
Post by: User Name on April 15, 2008, 04:09:37 PM
This is why "Jesus Freaks" rank low on my "credibility" list.