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Bigfoot video footage released via ABC News!!!

Article and Video #1 >>>>       http://gma.yahoo.com/video/bigfoot-exists-research-team-claims-170645320.html
(I can't embed the video, yet, but I will do so when it comes available.)

>>>>    Watch VIDEO #1 before watching second video!!!    <<<<

Here is another video which I was able to embed about the sleeping bigfoot:
Video #2 >>>>     

Is this for real?!!!  If so, then this is the next best footage to Patty!  Good-golly, Gertrud!!

About the article.  I would have to disagree with bigfoot being a human-hybrid.  I would say a North American ape.  The researchers might believe they have DNA proof of some sort of connection, but it would be impossible.  Bigfoot is not some sort of missing link of evolution, either.  Remember, we have similar DNA to a mouse and we look nothing like the bite-size rodent.


Yes WeHaveNoBananas:
Good-golly, Gertrud, you're not kidding!!!  I am going to jump the gun and say this video is the real deal!!!


~~~No Bananas


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