Author Topic: Food Babe: Is Stevia Safe?  (Read 4291 times)

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Food Babe: Is Stevia Safe?
« on: December 18, 2013, 12:51:02 PM »
The conversation of Stevia came up today while talking to a lady about the general health of the American people.  My husband told her I had information on the Forum about Stevia, which I do, though the topics don't have "Stevia" in the titles.  (A simple search for "Stevia" will produce those topics.)

I did come across an article by the Food Babe which brings a lot of insight to the question ofwhether it is safe or not.

Check out what the Food Babe has to say...

Though, I don't agree with the whole website, the Food Babe points out that there are OTHER INGREDIENTS in many of the offered Stevia products:

Reb A (refined Stevia Extract)
Agave inulin
Natural flavors

These ingredients are head-shakers!  From fake sugars to no-FDA-regulated ingredients.  What a disappointment!?!

The part I didn't agree with was what was considered "safe".  Any "extract" is bad because its an excitotoxin.  And the instructions of how to make a Stevia "extract" befuddles me.  Why do you want to make something that is harmful when the stevia plant is safe?!!   :)7

If the stevia plant is such a good idea for an alternative source of sugar, then why not grow a stevia plant and steep the leaves like you would any tea?

Your thoughts?
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