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The very best "Michigan Bigfoot" website


I found this site many months ago. At the time I was unable to view it with my old and tired pc. Now I see it's the best Michigan Bigfoot site out there. This group really seems to be going places. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. I'm thinking 2009 could be a big year in Michigan.

 http://www.michiganbigfootreports.moonfruit.com/           Check it out. MBG members, we have a link.

Just an update as this site is being built. It's slow, but what been done is well done. I expect the rest to be the same.

Well what do ya know? I was correct for once. Check out the recordings. Second to none if ya ask me. Link above.

Just to be clear. Here in the city we have much to offer in regard to Bigfoot.

Our friends above do too. Why do I refer to them as the best site? Only because I admire them and their work.


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