Author Topic: Audie's in Mackinaw City, MI, user of MSG and other excitotoxins  (Read 3449 times)

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Audie's is a fairly nice restaurant in Mackinaw City, MI.  This is a tourist town of about 900 people on the Straits of Mackinac that greets 7 to 10 million visitors in the summer.  Many use Mackinaw City as a launching site for a trip to Mackinac Island or to cross the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We have ate there for years.  It is a little pricey, but the food is normally good and safe for my wife to eat.

Recently, as we traveled through the Straits, we stopped there for lunch.  They have always had a Bison Burger on their menu and we enjoy Bison.  We both ordered a Bison Burger, each in our favorite way, and when it arrived we both bit into our sandwich and instantly looked at each other across the table.  We called the waitress over and found they had added a "Rub" to the Bison Burger.  We both had recognized an unusual taste to the meat.  After asking for the ingredients of the rub, we found at least three incidences of excitotoxins, which included "Chef Spice", "All-purpose Spice and garlic extract.  Amazingly, there were about 20 different spices in this rub and the flavor was actually disgusting to both of us.

The important thing is that we did catch it before my wife ate it and got sick.  Also it underlines how we have to constantly vigilant in looking out for MSG and other excitotoxins.  Normally, a restaurant that prides itself in having a unique menu does not use any of the flavor enhancers and relies on the cooks/chefs knowledge of safe spices to use.  This restaurant was proud of their chef and his additions to the menu using flavor enhanced meats, sauces and soups.  Too bad, Audies.  You used to be a good restaurant.

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