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Title: No Punks Allowed
Post by: Sassafras on March 13, 2008, 11:24:05 AM
As requested by one of our admirers  ::D and friends  ((:D)), I'm posting the No Punks Allowed sign which hung in our store in Baldwin (so many years ago) and in the center of our canopy there after during our road shows.

I have provided 3 versions:  The copy below, a JPEG, and a Word document.  NOTE:  Before printing the Word doc., note that I have two pages with exactly the same copy.  This is so we can make smaller versions of the No Punks Allowed sign by going to the print applet and simply changing The pages per sheet: to 2 pages.   d(BD)b  OR  For one full sheet versions, click Pages: and type 1.


No Punks Allowed
-All ethnics
-All races
-The mentally challenged   
-The pierced
-The tattooed
-The depraved
-The departed
And on some days Biff and Buffy
ENTER with a sense of humor

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