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Digestive Enzymes with proteases

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Hi!  I'm new here and really need some help.  I'm involved in a think tank groups made up of parents with children who have autism and/or related neurodegenerative disorders.  MSG and excitotoxins are clearly things we avoid.  I've read for the first time, however, that protease enzymes can cause release of excitotoxins from proteins in foods.  Many of our children take digestive enzymes with their meals because our kids tend to have significant gut damage and issues with digestion and stooling.  I'm very concerned however that the protease in the enzymes could be contributing to the excitatory states that we see in some of our kids.

Can anyone comment on this?  Our group really needs some good sound wisdom on this topic.

Thank you!!


Thank you for joining our group.  I would have to say that the challenge you and your group and the children involved is immense.  I get excited when I see lay people become advocates, not being totally dependent on the so called professionals.  I am not sure I can be of help, though.  Protease enzymes are a very complicated bit of chemistry.  There have been thousands and thousands of papers generated on the subject just in the past decade.  This I am sure though, protease enzymes depend on a process of hydrolysis and we warn sufferers of ESS (Excitotoxin Sensitivity Syndrome) to avoid all hydrolyzed proteins.  If they ingest them, they will get a reaction...guaranteed. 

Have you read the list of ingredients to avoid besides MSG.  You can go here on our Say No To MSG website or here on this forum.

I hope you keep us informed with what you find. 

Keep up the good fight

Mick Zellar

Thank you very much for your response.  Yes, we have all said 'no way jose' to the traditional western approach to band-aiding our children.  We know that the answers are in front of us, so we are seeking after them like momma bears with hungry cubs.  It's a tough fight but nothing is more convicting than saving your child! 

At any rate, you've provided a great starting place for me.  I'm going to talk to some biochemists and begin my archaeological dig.  I will be sure to report back what I find!

Yes, your list is super helpful!  Are the laminated cards available for purchase?  I would love to provide these to the mommas in our groups!

Thank you again for your most helpful site and for your response!

It takes fierce conviction to swim upstream while the dead fish float on by with the current.  Good health and STRENGTH to all!


Tell us about your group.  Is it a local group or is it internet based?  How many participants are there and how active is it?  Who monitors the group and do you have advocates involved as well?  We are believers in self-educating to support the efforts of the medical staff we encounter.  We feel it is important to be able to converse with them at their level, which would include an understanding of the language they use and also the base of knowledge they are using as their guide.  Overcoming the effects of our food industries, chemical industries and municipal communities to maximize their profits or to support that effort, is a team effort with these parents, experts in a varied array of fields and, of course, medical staff.  We have found that many, though, are not very knowledgeable outside their particular education bent. For instance, I have never met a nutritionist that knows anything about MSG, what more excitotoxins. They have been taught about nutrition and since excitotoxins have no nutritional value, they have no knowledge of them and seem little interested. I have never personally met an MD that would agree with me that MSG and other excitotoxins could be causing many of their patients distress.  I did meet a nurse practitioner that was interested and took one of our laminated cards.  She also was the first medical practitioner that was able to help me get my diabetes under control.  She was not afraid to think out of the box.

Let me explain why I asked these questions and went on  a slight rant.  We print these cards ourselves.  We laminate them and pay for the postage ourselves.  We are pleased and proud to do so, or we wouldn't have started this offer.  The only thing we ask in return is for people to join the forum and hopefully become active.  Many have joined the forum but few are active.  That's OK.  It is the way it is.  On the other hand, within the past year, a lady felt the cards were so helpful she wrote us saying she was going to post the information on her Facebook page so everybody could take advantage of our offer.  Mixed feelings...We were pleased somebody appreciated our little card and found it helpful but was apprehensive about the number of requests for cards this would generate; hundreds?  thousands?  So we held our breath and waited.  We haven't seen any flood to date, but one never knows. We did, oddly enough, get some requests from Australia and a fairly large amount from Canada we think could have come from the Facebook announcement.

We have in the past sent more than one card to somebody that requests one for a neighbor or a sister or a mother, but we have decided because of our discussion in the past, that large quantities would have to be paid for.  We feel if a group is an advocacy, self-help, group such as yours may be, then we would ask $.50 each.  If the requester is charging for their services then we will ask $1.00 each.  Let us know how many you need and tell us more about your group, and we will send the cards out as soon as we can.

Keep up the good fight




Why don't you send us your mailing address and we will send you a laminated card.  I should have mentioned that sooner.



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