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(This was first written on April 4, 2005 on our Proboard site.)

Sassafras and I sell sterling silver jewelry, sunglasses and goggles in motorcycle swap meets and shows across the nation. We regularly are asked stupid questions, as most people that "work with the public will attest too." I decided to list a few that we have encountered. Feel free to comment or add your experiences with "stupid questions and comments"

1. While looking at our ring selection, a customer will ask, "Are these real rings?"

2. An exchange I had with a customer last week. I had just explained that we were giving a $2.00 discount off all our sungless.

He said, "So they are $2.00?"

I said, "No, they are $2.00 off."

He said, "Off what?"

I said, "The price."

He said, " The price of what?"

It is starting to get trying, I said, " The price of the glasses. They are regular $12.00 so these would be $10.00 with the discount."

He said, "I thought you said $2.00."

At this time I walked away.

3. On the first day of a show that is going to last 4 days, we get asked, "Are you going to be here tomorrow?"

4. "Will they scratch?" On the surface, this may seem like a logical question, but can you think of any eyeglass made, that will not scratch? Of course, hearing it once wouldn't matter, but we hear it a hundred times a day.

5. "Do you take cash?" (Uh, I have to think about that one?)

6. "Wow, I bet you buy this stuff from the home shopping network and then sell it out here, don't you?" I laughed and this guy got offended and told me if I was smart I would do that, because they have good deals on the Home Shopping Network. Now mind you, we carry over 200 different styles of sunglasses and goggles with dozens of variations, so the selection comes to over 1500 different styles. We also have 24 feet of sterling silver displayed. Home Shopping Network, Egads.

7. I used to sell helmet decals. They were small and had rude and crude sayings on them. I man and his wife were looking at them one day and she looked up and asked me, "Are these legals." I said, "No, maam and if you buy them you are a criminal." The guy looked up at me and turned to his wife and asked her, " What did you say to him?' She said, " I asked him if they were legal and he said we would be a criminal if we bought them." He looked at me, put his hand over his wife's mouth and said "Sorry!". I kind of felt sad for him.

8. I get asked this, "What size is the average woman's finger?" Really, now, how would I know that. I could say that I sell a lot of rings in the size 5 to 10 area. I could lie and say 7 and sell the guy something, but, people, there is no average size woman's finger. It is why I have from size 1 to size 11 in women's and size 8 to size 15 in men's. I could sell larger if I could find them.

9. "Is that a pinkie ring?", they'll ask, while pointing at a ring.

My response, "If it fits your pinkie, then it is a pinkie ring."

They respond, "How can you tell if it is a pinkie ring?" My response, " If it fits your pinkie then it is a pinkie ring."

They respond, " I have never owned a pinkie ring, so I don't know what they look like."

Want to guess what my response is? Of course this applies to a thumb ring as well.

10. While trying on a chain and pendant I am asked, "If the chain breaks, will I lose it?" Sometimes I don't have an answer, but typically I would look at them seriously and say, "Yes."

Well that's enough for a start, and I will be adding more.

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