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Happiness is but a dream
« on: February 17, 2009, 01:32:17 AM »
     I awaken to the first rays of dawn, shining brightly through the slits of the quaint venetian blinds which adorn the bay window of my bedroom. Or was it the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, wafting through the air, smothering the distinctness of all other aromas? Ah, the wonders of an automatic coffee brewer set to begin brewing at the same time every morning. Much better than the alarm clock's startling alert.
'Right on time', I sigh yearningly as I reach for my robe and slippers.
I pour a hot cup of coffee then step onto the deck of my treehouse to enjoy it before getting into the shower. The breeze greets me with its whisper of 'Good morning'. I comply with a knowing smile.

     My house is situated at the edge of a forest, amid a grove of oak, birch, maple and evergreen trees, overlooking the ocean. It is elevated thirty feet above the ground and supported by the surrounding trees. I designed the blueprints myself, but a contractor friend of mine built it. It is my modern day "tree" house. The deck on which I now sit offers a view of the wide expanse of the ocean as well as a picturesque view of the mountains and the villages sprinkled throughout. Their snowy peaks blend nicely with the low ceiling of clouds surrounding them. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the peaks from the sky. At certain times of the day, the way the sunlight hits the mountains creates a rainbow essence around the peaks giving them a "Mount Olympus" effect.

     The waves of the pristine ocean are gently rolling toward the shore, invitingly, welcoming me to join them for a refreshing dip. 'I can't today', I silently tell them. The busy day ahead won't allow room for it this morning. Maybe later in the evening. They understand as they bow and then recede.
     I am roused out of my reverie by the chittering laughter of squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and other small animals of the forest as they race each other to be the first to retrieve the niblets of food I have laid out for them. It has become a game for them, which they only play when they know they have an audience. I would love to stay and watch but I must get showered and prepare for work. I will be busy today. Many appointments. I am a staff writer for "Inspiration Magazine", and I am working on an article about a family dealing with the challenges of caring for a special needs child and reaping the rewards of their unconditional love. The deadline is tomorrow at 5:00pm and I must interview three people today.

     I gather my materials, climb aboard my mountain bike and make the five kilometre trip into town. I stop for a quick breakfast at the coffee shop in my office building before heading to the office. My office is small but it is homey, comfortable and it is all mine. "A gift of merit", as my editor always says. Yes, it is.
     I scheduled all my interviews for this morning. I spend all afternoon in my office writing, editing and polishing my article, breaking only long enough to grab a quick coffee and sandwich at the beloved coffee shop downstairs. I consume my lunch in my office as I work. By the end of the day my article is almost complete. I shall spend tomorrow polishing it some more and by the end of the day it will be ready to hand in to my editor. I know she will be pleased.

     'What A long day', I sigh as I make the journey back home. Four hours of daylight left. At home, I prepare a garden salad which I comsume with a breaded breast of chicken and some rice. After supper I take a long ride on my bike through the various trails which stretch across the expanse of my 20 acres of wooded property. I enjoy all the sights and scents of nature and its offerings. I return just as the sun is setting below the peaks of the mountains. A nice time to revel in the earlier invitation of the ocean. The air is still quite warm, the water cool and refreshing upon my exhilarated skin. It is a beautiful evening.
     As the darkness intensifies, making clearer the blinking lights of the universe, I do some star gazing with the aid of a telescope through the skylight ceiling in my bedroom. I am an amateur astronomer and am keeping my eye on an object recently discovered by the professionals. They believe it is another planet, but cannot know for certain as it is partially hidden by the sun. I detect no changes but it is an amazing spectacle to observe.

     The hour is now getting late. I put some fruits, veggies and a variety of nuts out for my morning entertainers and set the coffee brewer for 6:00am, then retire to my room for the night. I rest under a canopy of stars. The moon's crescent is smiling gloriously and the stars above it wink slyly. I smile knowingly. As sleep overcomes me, a final thought for the day; Happiness is but a dream....come true.
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