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Laminated Card Offer is Still Free

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I would like everyone know that the Laminated Card with ingredients to avoid is still free.

FREE. Free. FrEe. FreE. fREE. fReE. FrEE. FReE. FREe. free. F.R.E.E.

There is no other way of saying it!

The only thing that has changed, is I would like people to join the Forum to show their support for before requesting their free card.

Just one small contribution which is still... free!!!

Let me offer an explanation:
Requests have been coming in daily for this free card.  I really enjoy all the requests and emails and individual support and, most of all, the stories.  Awareness is what I have been looking for for years.  I have to say, though, with all the requests and show of support, I have been getting nervous about that day I have a thousand requests, and I don't even have a Facebook account yet (which someone suggested I start, thank you, I am considering it).  And, I am contributing enough where I have to start considering either to charge for this service of printing, lamination, and postage (which I really don't want to, but I may have to) or request something as small from my requesters that they join my Forum.

Please Join Today!!

Then email me with your Shipping Address and USERNAME and I will get a Laminated Card in the mail for you.
Just Me

Cant wait to get the card! Thank you so much!


We'll be sending it out Friday of this week.  Keep up the good fight.


Awesome work you are doing to create awareness, I can't wait to receive my card!

You should be receiving your card any day.   [welcome]


Just Me


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