Author Topic: Sodium caseinate or calcium caseinate...BEWARE  (Read 11509 times)

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Sodium caseinate or calcium caseinate...BEWARE
« on: January 21, 2014, 10:56:45 AM »
For those that don't know, sodium caseinate or calcium caseinate are a hydrolyzed milk protein. For anybody that is doing research on MSG, one has probably found that any hydrolyzed protein creates MSG and will cause reactions in sensitive people.  Anybody that has read a list of ingredients to avoid will have seen sodium caseinate and calcium caseinate on the list, but maybe didn't know why they were listed.  They are just as bad as MSG, since 12% to 20% by volume of these chemicals is MSG and any flavor enhancing characteristics that are achieved, come from the MSG contained in them.  Some manufacturers of hydrolyzed proteins enhance these products even further by adding raw MSG to them, raising their total percentage to 40-50%.  

Now for the BEWARE!  According to the FDA (that evil government agency solely owned by corporations) a company that uses sodium caseinate or calcium caseinate in their frozen products does not have to list these ingredients.  That's right, these companies can add these flavor enhancers to, for say, ice cream, and they do, and they don't have to tell you about it in the ingredient list, on their website or anywhere, for that matter.  So BEWARE OF ALL FROZEN DAIRY PRODUCTS.  They just may contain some artfully hidden hydrolyzed proteins.

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