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Title: Welcome Guests ... MUST READ!! [OLD "MUST READ" MESSAGE]
Post by: Sassafras on December 10, 2007, 09:50:33 PM
Dear Guests,

     Welcome to MisFiT City Forum!  You may be wondering what this forum is all about. You may think, there is no rhyme or reason throughout this forum - no theme.  But there is!  It's about being a MisFiT.

     Being a MisFiT is about being yourself.  About not caring what is hot and what is not.  It is really about doing what is right, and when I say 'what is right', I do not mean what everybody else says is right, but, really, what is right.

     You maybe thinking, "what's so great about doing what is right?"  Well, there's not as many people out there as you think that do what is right.  Not as many as you at all.  Here at MisFiT City Forum we offer a different atmosphere compared to other forums.  Yes, we talk and blog and stand on our soapboxes every once in a while.  We also offer different points of view of the same-old, same-old.  We offer our MisFiTedness to the world and for those people that actually read our plight, we offer our friendship.  We offer the unusual, the different, the abnormal, the off the wall, off the cuff, the humorous, the factual, the real, the worldly, the unbelievable, the Godly, and the extraordinary.

     Everyone is entitled to read what we have to say and "take it" or "leave it".  All we ask in return is you share with us a little of the same - your MisFiTedness.

     Thank you to those that have choose to read this announcement.  We look forward to having you join our Community.  Feel free to post after joining.