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Title: The bfro mass exodus
Post by: Smokebender on July 26, 2009, 11:30:51 AM
One of the reasons so many left the bfro years ago is summed up in the following:

"Public expeditions described on the BFRO website are the sole
proprietorship of BFRO founder and director, Matt Moneymaker. All
matters pertaining to fees, planning, publicity, location,
investigative strategies, equipment, participants, execution,
reported results and expedition summaries, etc., are entirely
managed by the director. The BFRO as an organization receives no
funds from the expeditions. The availability of information
pertaining to these expeditions on the BFRO website does not
necessarily imply an endorsement by or the participation of other
BFRO members."

This was never posted to the bfro main front page as proposed. Read the whole proposal here.