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Issues of 2005...
« on: October 21, 2006, 12:05:12 PM »
(This was first written on Jan 1, 2006 on our Proboards site.)

These Issues are worthy of discussion on the MisFiT Forum concerning Bush and his Administration and the general media coverage during 2005:

  • The war on Terrorism
  • The war in Iraq
  • The abandoned/halted hunt for Osama Bin Laden
  • The arrest and trial of Saddam Hussein
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • WMD in Iraq
  • WMD NOT in Iraq
  • WMD in Iran
  • Future Iran Crisis/War
  • Troop Removal
  • Democracy in Iraq
  • Patriot Act
  • American Torture Camps
  • Gas Prices
  • The Economy - The Rich are Richer and the Poor are Poorer!!!  When is it time for the distance between the "Haves" and the "Have-Nots" to get closer rather than farther?
  • Immigration
  • Border Control: Illegal Aliens
  • Birthright Citizenship
  • Border Control: Fear of Terrorism
  • Fear - Using Fear to Rule the Country
  • President Bush or King Bush?
  • The Bush Administration - Evil: As a Whole and some as Individuals
  • Vise President thingy Cheney - Evil Incarnate and "Worst than Bush"!!! [ Article of Support: ]
  • Impeachment
  • Tom DeLay
  • Jack Abramoff
  • NSA - National Security Agency
  • Eavesdropping in the U.S. WITHOUT A WARRANT
  • The New York Times Leaking of Vital Security Information - Pros and Cons: Doing What is Right..., but at What Cost?  Does it Really Affect our Nation's Security or does it Affect the Secretiveness of Illegal Actions of the Bush Administration?  Americans don't seem to want to know the truth so they remain "sheep" for the ruling Administration, except for certain MisFiTs of the World:
    ...Executive Editor Bill Keller said that " 'we've got to do the right thing.' . . . It would have been easier to come up with all sorts of explanations of why we should walk away."
    [ Article of Support from an article in the Washington Post titled, Bush Presses Editors on Security by Howard Kurtz: ]

  • Samuel Alito - Extreme Ultra-Conservation Nominee for High Court - Too Extreme?
  • Harriet Miers - Nominee for High Court to Drop-out
  • John Roberts, Jr - Ultra-Conservative Nominee for High Court
  • Valerie Plame - CIA agent revealed
  • Karl Rove - suspicion of involvement
  • Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson (and husband) - published an article in The New York Times on July 6, 2003, critical of the Bush administration's claims about Saddam Hussein's attempts to obtain WMD  [ Article of Support: ]
  • Hurricane Katrina - sluggish or not responsible?
  • Tsunami Relief
  • Social Security
  • Usurp the Bill of Rights and Constitution - Birthright Citizenship, Patriot Act, Eavesdropping - What is the Objective of the Bush Administration? To Protect Americans against Terrorism?  How can any Elimination of our Rights be the Answer for Fighting Terrorism at Home or Abroad?

[[ This is not a complete list but fairly extensive.  Please feel free to start a discussion on whichever issue you see fit.  If there is an issue that is not in this list and you wish to discuss it, please do so. ]]

Please start all discussions in a new thread.  Thank you.

Enjoy the Discussions...



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