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Title: FREE Coffee Cup from MisFiT City Forum
Post by: Sassafras on December 13, 2007, 04:18:48 PM
The MisFiT City Forum Coffee Cup Giveaway!!


Mick and I have decided to offer a FREE MisFiT City Forum coffee cup to those MisFiTs who start 20 topics at MisFiT City Forum.  There's no time requirement you have to meet like "Offer Ends Tomorrow" so start posting now!  It is as simple as when you post 20 topics we will send you a MisFiT City Forum coffee cup.  It's that easy!!

The coffee cup will look similar to the one pictured above, but I can just about guarantee it won't look exactly like it.   ;D

So, start 20 conversations at MisFiT City Forum today!  The sooner you post, the sooner you get your cup!

The MisFiT Promotional Team!!